9 News Rod Mackey Wife Name: Family And Net Worth 2023

Who is Rod Mackey Wife? Discover the sports director’s wife, family, and net worth for the year 2023.

Rod Mackey is the Sports Director at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Mackey joined the station in October 2000 after growing up in Colorado and graduating from CU.

He began his broadcasting career at KSKE Radio in Vail before transitioning to television as the weekend sports anchor/reporter at KEVN-TV in Rapid City, South Dakota, just two years later.

Following his time in South Dakota, he moved to KGAN-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he honed his skills for five years before heading to KUSI-TV in San Diego, California.

Before making Denver his final stop, Rod had the opportunity to explore various regions and expand his expertise in the field of sports journalism.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Rod’s passions lie in skiing, both water and snow, and engaging in activities like tennis, hockey, and running, contributing to his active and vibrant lifestyle.

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9 News Rod Mackey Wife Name: Family

Although Mackey was born and raised in Colorado, he has been entirely reserved when it comes to divulging information about his family members.

Despite being married, he has chosen not to disclose his wife’s name or any other details about her.

In fact, not only does Rod keeps his wife’s identity private, but he also remains tight-lipped about their life together and their children.

However, it is known that he leads a contented married life with his wife, who is blessed with three sons.

Mackey is exceptionally cautious when it comes to shielding his wife and children from the public eye, as he values their privacy immensely.

Rod Mackey has not disclosed his familial details.
Rod Mackey has not disclosed his familial details. (Source: 9news.com)

In addition to their three sons, Mackey and his wife share their home with an adorable Old English Sheepdog, adding to their family life’s warmth and joy.

Interestingly, one of their children, Brendan Mackey, has chosen a career in media and works at WAOW.

The family is proud of Rod Mackey’s achievements as the esteemed Sports Director at 9NEWS.

Their son Brendan expressed his heartfelt congratulations to his father for attaining such a prominent position in the media industry.

Rod Mackey Net Worth 2023

Having devoted an impressive 23 years of his career to 9News as a journalist, Rod Mackey undoubtedly accumulated considerable wealth.

While the average salary for News Anchors in the United States, particularly at companies like 9News, stands at $45,936 as of July 25, 2023, it’s essential to note that this figure can vary significantly based on several crucial factors.

Factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years of experience in the profession play a pivotal role in determining the salary range, which typically falls between $36,849 and $60,580.

Considering the lengthy tenure that Rod Mackey served at 9News, it is evident that he must have earned a substantial sum, well above the average figures mentioned.

Rod Mackey has garnered a good sum of money.
Rod Mackey has garnered a good sum of money. (Source: 9news.com)

Additionally, journalists like him often explore various investment opportunities and engage in collaborations that have the potential to augment their actual earnings significantly.

Such investments and partnerships can serve as lucrative sources of income and further contribute to individuals’ financial success and stability in the media industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rod Mackey’s dedication to his work and prudent financial decisions could have further enhanced his financial standing and enabled him to lead a fulfilling life both personally and economically.

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