90 Day Fiance: 26 Year Old Citra Wikipedia And Job

The 90-Day-Fiance’s contestant Citra has been the topic of concern as the show revealed its release date of the new season. Keep reading to learn about the life details of Citra along with her love life.

The most awaited show, 90-Day-Fiance, is back with its new season to be aired on the 8th of October.

As always, the show is anticipated to be filled with love drama and not to miss entertainment that is to come along.

The show revealed that it will have seven couples in its 10th season whose journey we will witness.

The entertainment will undoubtedly be delivered with these couples trying to make their love successful within 90 days.

Also, we will witness all the obstacles and the hard times they will face to make their journey of love successful.

People have already started to develop an interest in unraveling the details of the participants.

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26-Year-Old Citra Wikipedia: 90 Day Fiance Contestant Job 

Soon after the revelation of the release date of the famous show 90-Day-Fiance, people have been wanting to unravel various details of the contestants, and the 26-year-old Citra has made it to the list.

Citra, one of the show’s contestants, belongs to Indonesia.

Citra lives with her father, whereas details about her mother have not yet been revealed.

Details about Citra’s mother have not been made public. (Source: Heavy)

The 26-year-old contestant’s father seems strict and very concerned with his daughter’s love life, as her dad has decided to move to Citra’s boyfriend’s place to meet him.

Neither Citra’s educational background nor any other personal details have been revealed.

Let us witness the progress of Citra’s love journey.

The show has just been aired, and additional information is sure to be revealed as the show progresses.

Let us patiently wait for the show to progress and for the information to be revealed.

Citra and Sam Relationship timeline

In the show 90-Day-Fiance, Citra has joined along with her boyfriend Sam.

Sam is a 30-year-old boy who comes from Missouri.

Citra and Sam’s relationship blossomed after they met in an online dating app about two years ago.

Since then, their love for each other has only grown greater.

To show his love for his girlfriend, Citra, Sam visited Indonesia to meet her.

During Sam’s visit to Indonesia, he popped the topic of marriage with Citra and now, both are looking forward to tying the knot sooner.

But before the couple can walk down the aisle, Sam first needs to get the blessings and approval from Citra’s father.

For this purpose, Citra has decided to visit Missouri with her father to meet Sam and sign off on their marriage.

Citra and Sam
Citra has planned to visit the U.S with her father to meet Sam. (Source: Dexerto)

But Sam does have a sordid past, and we wonder what Citra’s dad’s reaction will be like when he discovers it.

Will Citra’s dad approve of their relationship or deny it?

All these questions have made the show exciting and raised the followers’ curiosity.

Citra might have to deal with a hard time trying to convince her father to accept Sam regardless of his past.

But the love that Citra and Sam share might be enough to convince her dad the approval of their relationship with one another.

As the show progresses, we will watch all the obstacles and hurdles the couple might face to make their love successful.

Before speculating, let us wait for the show to progress and watch where their relationship heads seem better.

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