During the Ulta Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics Event in Los Angeles, Kylie revealed the people who unknowingly gave her confidence. Here is her response.

Kylie Jenner has gained all the self-confidence she has ever needed as a mom.

Star of The Kardashians—whose daughter Stormi is four years old and has a 6-month-old baby boy with Travis Scott—recently shared the secret behind her inner confidence. Does she feel it most when the Kylie Cosmetics founder is around?

“Probably when I’m with my kids,” she says at the Kylie Cosmetics Plumping Gloss event hosted by Ulta Beauty last month. “Whenever my kids are around, I feel confident. Whenever Stormi’s around, I always feel confident.”

As a mother, she revealed that there will always be one person to whom she turns for the best advice: her mom Kris Jenner. Would you mind sharing the best bit of advice the matriarch has given you thus far? Unfortunately, there’s no way to say since she always has something worthwhile.

Kylie shared that her mom consistently gives her “so much” life advice; she added, “I can’t even pinpoint one thing. I call her for everything.”

For those who wonder when the mom of two feels most beautiful, she said she feels the most attractive either “completely undone” or “completely done up,” adding that there isn’t a middle ground.

“I feel really beautiful when I like right when I get off the shower, and I feel nice and fresh and clean,” she said during the Ulta Beauty exclusive gloss launch in Los Angeles,

 adding, “I also feel the most beautiful when Ariel [Tejada] does my makeup and events like this.”