The night brimmed with overwhelming inspiration; during Variety’s Power of Women celebration, Chelsea Peretti brought some laughter to the evening.

Here’s a glimpse of the jokes Peretti hosts.

A stand-up comic and former “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star played the emcee role on Thursday. She amused a crowd of honorees, such as Lorde, Amanda Gorman, Katy Perry, Warner Bros. CEO Shaun Dungey, and Rita Moreno, the EGOT icon. From the Peleton rides to casting woes to pay equity, Peretti touched on various topics at the Lifetime Beverly Hills event.

She also addressed the ongoing threat of an IATSE strike. Then, introducing Variety editor-in-chief Claudia Eller and Variety group publisher Michelle Sobrino, she took a moment to acknowledge the hardworking crews and craftspeople in the industry.

“Let’s support IATSE, who are striking for livable working conditions and being able to pee and sleep and see their families,” Chelsea added. Here are her best jokes:

Hollywood women’s experiences

There is much meaning in celebrating Hollywood’s Power of Women, where “Little Nicky” got the green light. An iconic buddy movie with two female leads ends with them sliding off a cliff. Female roles are constantly asked, “Why are we rooting for her?” If I recall correctly, why have we rooted for anyone in “Entourage”? What makes Rob Schneider movies so popular?

It’s so hard to find female leads in comedies. sometimes I remember and laughed at Andie MacDowell’s appearance in “Groundhog Day.” But, When you think about it, modeling is an excellent prerequisite for being a female in a comedy movie — both are just about “standing there.”

Being Ready for an important event

My makeup is ready in time for the event. As an insecure person who isn’t cool like Frances McDormand, it’s always a humility exercise. Most makeup artist is now active on social media. So a blonde 20-year-old will be painted, and their caption will read, “Had the absolute honor of painting the exquisite face of this absolute doll,” the following day, they do my makeup, and I check the caption, and it reads, “Fun day with Chelsea Peretti!”

Her toddler

They asked if I would host last minute, so I guess someone had to bail, or Variety is entirely disorganized. Due to my limited preparation time, I Wrote this while hiding from my toddler in my car. He’s hosting a “Power of Toddler” event during which he won’t eat, sleep, or bathe and will most likely be sitting beside the ground. Is it normal to fantasize about disappearing several times a day? Going out for tampons and never coming back.

Acronyms in show business

Every email I received about this called it a POW event. Have you ever thought that acronym exists already? I’m just trying to get a sense of Hollywood’s educational level. What if you take acronyms – how about PAP or HPV? PCOS.

On Men in Hollywood

It’s my perception of men being supportive: “I tried one thing, and it didn’t work!” It’s unfortunate; the timeline is tight. This pandemic demonstrates how much work needs to be done by the cogs in a capitalist system to make five white guys insanely wealthy and ready for space travel. We had already experienced significant racial and gender pay gaps, but in 2020, record numbers of women left the workforce. Men were four times more numerous than women.

Do you notice that robots take over human labor and still give them female names? So, isn’t it better to name “mother” instead of calling another name like Viv, Siri, or Alexa? I’m now going to ask a random man in the audience why they think this is the case.

Reproductive Rights and the Attack on Women

How does the future look? A woman in Texas is having a mental breakdown about her choice, Republicans are suppressing the voters who voted them out, Trump might run again, and I’m still in heels. The good news is that we have AOC, Greta, Stacey Abrams, and Larry Elder to help us. It must have been a mistake on my part. We should be able to defeat evil if all of us post color boxes when instructed to do so on social media. By 2022.

With age (and I just turned 28), I am more grateful for anyone working to improve the world now and in the future. Our honorees will share with you the important causes, from trauma counseling to mentorship and climate change solutions to healthcare.

Chelsea Peretti’s best host jokes through the event.