Aaron Ward Assault Case: Arrest Charges And Reason

One of the most intense and turbulent times he has ever experienced, the Aaron Ward Assault Case sent shockwaves through his life.

The incident became the subject of close examination and vigorous debate.

Ward suddenly found himself in the public eye, under the scrutiny of the justice system and the weight of public opinion.

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Aaron Ward Assault Case

Aaron Ward, a former NHL defender who works as a TSN analyst, was taken into custody on October 9, 2015, in Cary, North Carolina.

He was accused of tampering with emergency communications and assaulting a female.

Following an altercation, Ward’s wife called 911, accusing him of seizing her phone.

He was imprisoned for 48 hours, as the domestic violence accusations required. The accusations were later dropped by the prosecution, though.

Aaron Ward Assault
Aaron Ward found himself in legal trouble when he was arrested by the Cary Police in North Carolina (Image Source: newsobserver)

In response to a call from Ward’s wife reporting the incident, Cary Police Department detained Ward at his residence.

His wife was first charged with simple assault against him, but the accusation was later dropped, and she was not charged.

The event happened in Cary, close to Raleigh, where Ward had previously played for the Hurricanes and contributed to their Stanley Cup victory in 2006.

TSN, the broadcasting network where Ward worked, acknowledged the gravity of the accusations following the arrest.

They decided he would no longer be appearing on television until further notice.

Before joining TSN in 2011, Ward enjoyed a prosperous NHL career, winning the Stanley Cup thrice.

Prosecutors subsequently decided to drop the accusations against him, which ended the domestic incident’s legal repercussions.

Aaron Ward Charges

After being taken into custody by the Cary Police in North Carolina, Aaron Ward found himself in legal problems.

Misdemeanor assault on a female and interference with emergency communications were the allegations against him.

A magistrate’s ruling stated that Ward was accused of pushing his wife and robbing her of her phone after an altercation.

His position as an analyst on TSN Hockey was suspended due to the arrest’s ramifications.

The incident had significant ramifications for Ward beyond the legal aspect.
The incident had significant ramifications for Ward beyond the legal aspect. (Image Source: canescountry)

However, Ward’s accusations did not result in more legal action.

After analyzing the case and speaking with the victim, it was decided that pressing the charges wasn’t necessary, according to a dismissal notification filed in Wake County.

As a result, in February 2016, the Wake County District Attorney’s Office opted to drop the accusations and seal the record.

Beyond the legal implications, the episode had a significant impact on Ward. His marriage to his wife worsened after the arrest, and they divorced in 2019.

Their union ended as a result, demonstrating the long-lasting effects of the events in 2015.

Where Is Aaron Ward Now?

Aaron Ward has entered a new stage in both his life and work. He works for Raleigh, North Carolina-based analytics company SportsMEDIA Technology Corp (SMT).

Ward continues to be active in the sports sector by participating in media-related activities and his work with SMT. He lives in Raleigh, having made that city his base of operations.

Ward’s private life has also changed. He recently got wedded to Jake Slaker’s mother, Lori Slaker, who used to play hockey for the University of Michigan.

Ward has personally dealt with the difficulties of divorce and expressed the adverse effects it can have on children’s trust in their parents, which should be noted.

He knows it will take time and effort to restore that trust. Despite the ups and downs, Ward admits that his situation has significantly improved.

He overcame his issues with gambling and has mastered the ability to make decisions free of its effect in all facets of life.

Throughout his 13-year NHL career, Ward played for several clubs, including the Detroit Red Wings, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, and Anaheim Ducks.

He accomplished the unusual achievement of winning the Stanley Cup three times over his career, once with Carolina in 2006 and twice with Detroit in 1997 and 1998.

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