During a life-imitating art moment, Ian Harding revealed he had become a father one month after his Pretty Little Liars character adopted a baby

It’s a pretty baby.

Ian Harding took the opportunity to share the first picture of his child on Instagram to announce his fatherhood.

“Thank you for the Birthday wishes, folks,” on Sept. 16; he posted on Instagram. “I’m thankful for many things this past year, but most of all, I’m grateful for the best early birthday present a fella could ask for.”

The father, who turned 36 the same day, is seen holding his baby, whose fingers are wrapped around his thumb, and wearing cute zebra-print pajamas.

It was not revealed what the child’s sex or name was in the post. 

As of 2021, An insider confirmed that the Pretty Little Liars alum quietly married longtime girlfriend Sophie Hart nearly two years earlier, with the ceremony in October 2019.

After showing off a ring on his left hand on Instagram, the actor announced his nuptials days later. Ian captioned the pictures, “Back in L.A. and living the good life (as in napping in trees and baskets).”

Ian and Sophie began dating in 2011 when Sophie was a Los Angeles-based photographer and set designer. Before getting married, the couple hadn’t announced their engagement.

The arrival of Ian’s new bundle of joy follows HBO Max’s premiere of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin two months ago. During the season finale spin-off, Ian’s character Ezra Fitz adopts a baby from Imogen Adams (Bailee Madison). 

What a pretty funny coincidence. 

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