Actor Manoj Arrest: Manoj Naidu Shot His Partner’s Husband Siddharth Das

The Indian news is fuming with the trending news of Actor Manoj Arrest recently. Apparently, he shot his partner, Smitha’s husband, Siddharth Das, in Shamirpet villa. Let’s take a brief glimpse at the case closely.

The police recently detained actor Manoj Naidu on account of an airgun over marital disputes.

Manoj Naidu was staying with Siddharth Das’ ex-wife, Smitha and her daughter at the villa in Shamirpet.

The drama unfolded at a villa of the resort on Saturday morning while Das and Smitha were arguing.

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Actor Manoj Arrest: What Had Happened?

In a shocking incident at Celebrity Resort in Shamirpet, part-time actor Manoj Naidu was arrested by the Shamirpet police

He got arrested on account of opening fire with an airgun at Siddharth Das, the ex-husband of his live-in partner, Smitha.

Manoj Naidu custody
Police arrested Manoj Naidu on account of opening fire with an airgun at Siddharth Das. (Source: India Today)

The dramatic confrontation unfolded on a Saturday morning at a villa within the resort, leaving Siddharth injured and Manoj in police custody.

According to reports, Siddharth Das had arrived at the villa to meet his 13-year-old daughter and estranged wife, Smitha.

The couple had separated in 2019, and their divorce proceedings were still ongoing in court, with Siddharth under a restraining order to stay away from the family.

However, Smitha had allegedly entered into a relationship with Manoj and had been residing with him and her children.

Tensions escalated when Siddharth and Smitha began arguing during their meeting. Feeling intimidated, Manoj reportedly pulled out an unlicensed airgun and fired shots at Siddharth.

Fortunately, Siddharth managed to escape and immediately called the police.

The Shamirpet police responded swiftly to the emergency call and apprehended Manoj at the scene.

Despite sustaining minor injuries from the airgun pellets, Siddharth cooperated with the police, registering a case against Manoj.

Further investigation revealed that Manoj was residing with Smitha and her children, even though Siddharth was legally prohibited from meeting them.

The situation was complicated by a complaint filed three months ago by Siddharth’s son, alleging harassment and torture by Manoj towards his sister.

The Child Welfare Committee had taken up the case and was scheduled to interview the children later in the month.

Aftermath After The Horrifying Incident

Amidst the media frenzy, it came to light that there was a case of mistaken identity regarding the actor Manoj Naidu involved in the incident.

It was clarified that another individual named Manoj, who happened to be a software professional, was the one who fired the airgun.

The confusion stemmed from erroneous reports that led to the widespread misidentification of the TV serial actor Manoj Naidu.

As for Siddharth and his ex-wife, Smitha, are directors of a software firm. As mentioned prior, both of them parted ways in 2019, and their divorce case proceedings are still in court.

Siddharth Smitha Divorce
Siddharth and Smitha’s divorce case proceedings are still in court. (Source: USA Today)

Similarly, it’s also stated that Das also has a restraining order from the court to stay away from the family.

As the investigation continues, the police will examine all aspects of the incident to ensure justice is served.

Meanwhile, Siddharth Das and Smitha are expected to provide their statements to provide a clearer picture of the events that transpired at the villa in Shamirpet on that eventful Saturday morning.

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