Michael Pitt was taken into police custody last Friday and was then taken to the hospital after he had a public outburst during an event in New York City.

Actor Michael Pitt hospitalized after outburst in NYC
Actor Michael Pitt hospitalized after outburst in NYC

The video revealed by the media shows Pitt strapped to a gurney and surrounded by EMS technicians. They are wheeling him down a sidewalk in Bushwick, Brooklyn, carrying him to an ambulance waiting for him.

In a daze, Pitt looks as if he is staring at the sky for a bit. Then he turns his head to one side as he silently lays on the stretcher.

According to NYPD, someone called 911 on Friday to report a white male throwing objects at people, possibly from the building rooftop.

In response to the incident, the police arrived on the scene quickly, and after a quick investigation, the cops arrested Michael Pitt.

However, he was not charged with a crime as the police deemed him emotionally disturbed. So instead, they took him to the local hospital.

There was another incident in July involving Pitt.

According to reports, the actor grabbed the phone from a man’s hand. After that, he repeatedly punched him in the head before taking the phone away.

Fortunately, there was no serious injury to the man.

NYPD arrested him in the same spot for assault and petty theft.

The hospital can only keep a patient on an involuntary psychiatric hold for 72 hours in New York. However, a patient can only stay for 60 days at the most with a judge’s approval.

There is no information available on Pitt’s current situation.

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