The “Arrow” star Stephen Amell is on the verge of taking his neighbors to court over what he claims is an illegal animal adoption business.

Actor Stephen Amell claims his neighbor runs an illegal kennel
Actor Stephen Amell claims his neighbor runs an illegal kennel

He also claims the kennel is extremely loud and stinky and that they should need to close down!

Amell and his wife, Cassandra, are taking legal action against Kristen Stavola and Jeremy Gardiner.

The Gardiner couple runs a company called Rescues Rock Inc., an organization that advertises itself as a pet adoption/foster enterprise that operates out of the family home in Los Angeles.

The problem with this operation is that the Amell family resides next door to it, and they claim the operation is not only a nuisance but illegal as well, according to the complaint they filed against it.

It details the documents the actor and his family have had with the organization since Stavola and Gardiner moved in back in 2015, describing all the issues they have encountered.

In addition to 18 dogs and numerous cats, he claims they have more than 60 animals.

Additionally, the Amell’s claim that their neighbors run the entire operation in their neighborhood.

Lastly, the couple claims they have reached the end of their rope and had no choice but to file a lawsuit.

The 41-year-old actor alleges these animals are yapping all hours of the day and night, disrupting the sleep of his wife and his children, one of whom is a newborn.

Moreover, he complains that the place stinks, and some animals suffer from diseases.

He has attempted to deal with these folks in a friendly manner, but they have not cooperated.

To end this, he asks a judge to order an declaration that forces the animal shelter to cease operations and immediately shut it down.

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