Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated her daughter’s birthday this month, er, last summer. With two children with Freddie Prinze Jr., the actress gave fans a glimpse of their celebration.

The actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. are officially parents to a teenager.

A few weeks ago, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ actress Charlotte Grace Prinze celebrated her 13th birthday with a spa day.

Sarah shared a photo montage from the day on her Instagram account on Sept. 22. and wrote, “My daughter told me she wanted a cocktail and caviar spa party for her 13 birthday… so we had to make that happen (well, mocktails for the kids and cocktails for the moms),” Sarah wrote in a Sept. 22 Instagram post featuring a photo montage from the day.

 Added, “Thank you to the incredible @organictogreen beauty spa for making my daughter’s dream party possible.”

She credited the party idea to her late friend, publicist Scout Masterson, who passed away on Sept. 11. 

“This party was the brainchild of @scoutmasterson before we lost him a little over a week ago,” Sarah continued. “We knew you were there with us. And we love you.”

Sarah and Charlotte wore matching “13” tiaras, and the birthday girl also wore a sash. 

The actress noted on Instagram Stories that she couldn’t believe she had a “(gulp) teenager.”

The mother-daughter team and their friends appeared to enjoy spa treatments, including sauna sessions and facials, as well as tasty treats, including caviar, fruit, and Charlotte’s 2-year-old birthday cake.

 It seemed like every detail was marked with “13”, from the plates, cups, and candles to the spa gift bags. But, as Sarah wrote on Instagram Stories, the partygoers were “Living their best teenage life.”

It was impossible to see Charlotte’s or her friends’ faces in the pictures. Sarah and Freddie Prinze share a son Rocky James Prinze, 10, but they rarely post photos of them online to protect their privacy.

Nevertheless, Charlotte appeared with her mother at the screening of Sarah’s most recent movie Do Revenge, in which Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke also star, last week.

Sarah acknowledged to Today Parents that Charlotte’s 13th birthday is a difficult age.

“I know firsthand how hard it is to be a girl in middle school,” she said on Sept. 16.

Continuing “And I didn’t have social media to contend with. I think it’s about being a good listener because no one wants advice from their parents.”