Adele has offered fans a behind-the-scenes look at her beautiful $9.5 million house in Los Angeles.

On Thursday, the Grammy-winning singer, 33, opened the doors to her immaculately designed home as part of Vogue’s 73 Questions series.

Despite living in a neighborhood crowded with Hollywood’s top stars, Adele, who was born in Tottenham, showed off her’very English’ garden, open-plan kitchen, and her ‘proudest possession’- a piece of gum chewed by her hero Celine Dion.

‘It’s great out here,’ the mother-of-one said as she strolled around her magnificent garden. It’s very English,’ she said, before returning inside to display her ‘proudest treasure,’ a piece of gum eaten by Celine Dion and framed for her by friend James Corden.

As 73 Questions host Joe Sabia walked outside with Adele, a glimpse of her massive swimming pool could be seen through a charming hedge.

The outside space also included stylish furnishings and a huge wooden play area for Angelo- Adele’s son, Simon Konecki, who is nine years old.

Adele took Joe inside after sitting outdoors with him to answer questions and show off a framed piece of Celine Dion’s gum.

‘James Corden, who is a friend of mine and also does Carpool Karaoke, did it with her and knew how big of a fan I was, so he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper, which he framed for me,’ she added.

The Hello singer spent much of the 18-minute video in her beautiful kitchen, which included a huge marble island and a lovely teal blue color scheme.

A crammed bookcase, elegant furniture, and wide windows rounded out the large, open area.

Adele was seen unloading paper shopping bags from her luxury automobile at the start of the film, with the star’s big entryway visible in the backdrop.

Adele and Joe paused for a conversation once inside, near to a huge white staircase, which was surrounded by a lovely patterned carpet.

The room was lighted by lamps, and a vibrant carpet stretched the length of Adele’s stairwell.

Adele said in the video, which has already had over 939,981 views on YouTube, that she is ready to go on tour ‘as soon as possible,’ while also asking fans to ‘keep wearing their masks.’

‘As soon as possible, I’m ready to go!’ Adele said when asked when she wants to go on tour.
It’s all up to COVID, so keep your mask on and don’t spread that Delta, and who knows what may happen!’

The Easy On Me singer was dressed casually in a tracksuit, which she said as “typical” of Brits in 90-degree weather, and looked more than willing to face a slew of questions, no matter how intense they were.

When asked about the biggest risk she’s taken, she gave a three-word response: ‘leaving my marriage.’

Adele’s life had brought her across the Atlantic, but it was apparent that she hadn’t forgotten her Tottenham origins, as she could easily recite the North London football club’s cry.

On a more personal side, there was a lot of contemplation on how she’s matured over the creation of her albums, including 19 (2008), 21 (2011), 25 (2015), and 30, which will be released in November.