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Adelfa Marr Biography | Manny Montana’s Wife

Who is Adelfa Marr?

Adelfa Marr is an African American born on the year of 1992. She is an actress, life coach, freelance writer, and staff writer. 

In 2019, Marr formally started her career as a life coach. Working as a life coach, she conducts various online sessions relating to life with clients worldwide.

Obscure to many people’s knowledge, Adelfa Marr has appeared as Dylan on a television show named “Good Girl,” where she worked with her husband.

Furthermore, Adelfa also loves writing skincare and beauty-related blogs to meet the needs of her clients and enthusiasts all over the world. She additionally became an established freelance writer for many years.

This article will cover as many details as we can regarding Manny Montana’s wife, Adelfa Marr. 

Adelfa Marr Biography

Quick facts on Adelfa Marr

Birth nameAdelfa Marr
Age30 years old
Date of birth1992
Current residenceLong Beach
Personal Information
Marital statusMarried
HusbandManny Montana
ChildrenOne son
Net worth$500K (estimated)
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Social mediaInstagram

Adelfa Marr early life, age, background & family

Manny Montana’s wife, Adelfa Marr, was born in 1992 in the United States. She is currently 30 years old. General information regarding her parents and siblings is still unknown to the public, maybe because she doesn’t like sharing private information about her family and likes to keep her family matters secret.


Marr finished her high school graduation from a Community High School before being officially admitted to the Guttman Community College. Marr furthermore studied Liberal Arts and Sciences there and finally graduated in the year of 2014.


Additionally, Adelfa is also a member of the Multiracial Caucasian group. She is a Christian who is religious and takes her religion very seriously. 

In 2015, Adelfa posted a picture of one of her relatives who sadly passed away on her Instagram page.

Adelfa Marr height, weight, and body features

If you take a good glance at Adelfa, you’ll see a beautiful petite woman. She has beautiful body traits that are indeed praiseworthy. 

Adelfa stands tall at 5 feet and 2 inches and weighs 112 pounds. Her height and weight balance are pretty good.

Furthermore, Adelfa flaunts her curly natural black hair, which she considers an identity for the black race. Manny Montana’s wife used to keep her hair short in the past, but she started growing it long starting in 2015. 

Additionally, her body measurement is 30-23-32, shoe size 5(US), and she also has a rose tattoo on her neck and right arm.

Adelfa Marr favorites

Favorite Holiday Destination: Australia

Favorite Movie: Superbad

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Italian Cuisine

Hobbies: Traveling, video games, football, listening to music

Adelfa Marr personal life, relationship, children

Adelfa’s personal life has been quite a secret within herself, but we will try to provide all the information we could conjure about her.

Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana tied the knot in the year 2016. Before they finally got married, the couple were dating for a while.

It has been no secret that this beautiful couple likes to hide their lives away from the media and the public. They spent about five years in a love relationship before their marriage as they began dating in 2011. 

Adelaf Marr with husband Manny Montana

We are not entirely sure how the couple met, but we sure know they were and presently are crazy in love with each other. The pair are well known for their classy love relationship supporting and respecting one another’s profession and career. 

Furthermore, sources have described his wife as his support and rock as Manny refers to her as his best friend, and they love doing everything together. Additionally, the pair often post snaps of each other on their individual Instagram accounts.

Nobody could imagine that Manny Montana would be the traditional family man. Still, he proved his critics wrong, especially when he made efforts with his wife to hide their son from the media and the public. 

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Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana

This article is mainly about Manny Montana’s wife, but let’s chip some bio about him as well. 

Manny Montana was born in the USA on 26 September 1983. He is a popular actor playing several roles in multiple TV series.

Although Manny holds American citizenship, he is of Mexican descent. He has gained vast popularity among females throughout his film career because of his looks and cute smile.

Manny grew up in Long Beach with his other young siblings. He receives tremendous support from his family even though he grew up with his cousins.

Montana studied at the Jordan High School, where he received a football scholarship to study in Sacramento at the California State University.

Sadly, he stopped playing football due to multiple injuries to his shoulder. After that, at the same university, he continued his study in Journalism and Broadcasting. 

During Montana’s college days, he started to work as a DJ at the student radio station, which helped him land a job on Power 100.3 as an intern. Likewise, he met Adelfa Marr and stayed in a love relationship with her, whom he further married in 2016.

Manny Montana and Adelfa Marr

Blessed with one son

The loving couple is now together for almost a decade and has a great bonding, and during their marital journey, they welcomed a beautiful son in their life. 

However, the identity of their child remains in the dark for public display. The couple stated that they don’t want their kid to affect his future from his parent’s overwhelming name and fame. 

Manny Montana is quite the family man as he says that there is nothing he enjoys more than spending his precious time with his family.

Montana stated saying “You never know a love like this until you have a kid,” and that his life is a trip right now where he is having a lot of fun. Furthermore, having a kid in his life has made him a better and more patient person.

Adelfa Marr career, professional life, and controversies

Career as a life coach

Adelfa Marr is relatively young to start something as big as developing as a life coach, but she persisted in the passion and started her career in life coaching in 2019. 

Marr currently conducts various online sessions to help clients with their day-to-day lives and various spiritual processes. She further desires to see her clients exercising, enjoying healthy food, developing self-care and self-love. 

Furthermore, Marr aims to watch her help getters lead and enjoy better lives and a better version of themselves. 

Adelaf Marr

Other persuaded careers

Adelfa, not so long ago, made appearances on a TV series known as “Good Girl” as well. However, her acting role is not what shaped her life over the last few years because she is majorly famous for her remarkable writing ability. 

In addition, Adelfa currently works for 21Ninety Publications as a staff writer. She contributes to writing content covering several controversial and thought-grasping things relating to sex, race, self-care, motherhood, and many others. 

Marr has been working for 21Ninety Publications since 2018, and she enjoys her time as a writer in the company. In addition, her work is seen and praised on many article sites, including Byrdie, INKind.life, and The Thirty.

Adelfa Marr is also a celebrated and well-acclaimed freelance writer. She is a founder of adelfamarr.com, where she provides life coaching services to her clients and tends to write blogs regarding similar topics. 

Marr’s blogs generally cover skincare tips, music playlists, beauty tips, and many more, receiving feedback from her clients. She has also made a guest appearance alongside Clout Chasers on the twenty-seventh episode of the HDIKY (HOW DO I KNOW YOU) podcast.

On her website, she says that her mission is to help people discover, embrace, and love who they are by celebrating their individuality. It makes them unique and empowers them to fulfill their most significant potential in a safe space with an unbiased coach in their corner. 

Furthermore, creating and enforcing a safe space where clients can be a genuine and authentic version of themselves creates a space in which healing can genuinely occur. 

The link for her website is- https://adelfamarr.com/

Not many details are available on Adelfa Marr’s professional life apart from the information provided above.


Talking about the present, Marr has successfully avoided any drastic rumors regarding her personal or professional life that might hamper her in any way. 

Precisely, she has never faced any major or minor controversy to date. 

It seems like she has her utmost focus on the profession she loves rather than controversial stuff.

Adelfa Marr net worth

Adelfa Marr’s estimated net worth is $500,000 as of 2021. She accumulated her fortunes through her career. 

Speaking of her husband’s fortune, Manny has an estimated net worth of $50 Million as undoubtedly the lead role he portrays in his tv-shows is praiseworthy.

Reportedly, he earns over $100,000 per episode in the TV series, Good Girls. Furthermore, he has been an essential part of numerous TV series and movies and gets paid a good remuneration.

Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Montana are enjoying their quality lives while focusing on their respective careers.

Adelfa Marr social media involvement

Adelfa Marr is active on a social media platform of Instagram and Facebook as her followers round up to around 69k on Instagram. Furthermore, Adelfa tends to post many personal photos, including her boyfriend. 

The links for her Facebook, Instagram, and IMDB are as follows,

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