AJ Death: Died After Eating Pizza, Fried Rice Syndrome

The news of AJ Death shocked everyone as he died from reheating leftover food that had been stored at room temperature. 

As a new fad sweeps across social media, a nutritionist has warned against leaving food out at room temperature.

The illness, dubbed ‘fried rice syndrome,’ is a type of food poisoning that develops when certain dry foods, such as pasta and rice, carry the bacteria Bacillus cereus from being left out.

The fad gained steam on TikTok when stories of a student dying from a Bacillus cereus toxin acquired traction.

Sadly, the student was discovered dead several hours after reheating a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese that had been left out.

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AJ Death: Died After Eating Pizza

The case of a 20-year-old who died in 2008 after eating five-day-old spaghetti has recently resurfaced and has recently gone viral on YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok.

“This has to be some form of natural selection,” TikToker @Jpall20 stated in a video warning “for all the students and meal-preppers out there.”

The clip’s over 2.8 million viewers on TikTok on Monday were equally shocked. “I wouldn’t even eat something a week old that had been refrigerated,” he wrote.

According to the initial account, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, the student in Brussels, Belgium, would frequently prepare a week’s worth of meals on Sunday so he wouldn’t have to worry about it during the weekdays.

AJ Death
AJ died in 2008 after eating five-day-old spaghetti. (Source- NY post)

According to The Mirror, the 20-year-old Belgian, known as AJ, had left the leftovers of his dinner out at room temperature before completing it days later and heading out to play sports with pals.

After a half-hour delay, AJ is alleged to have gone home with a headache and stomach problems, followed by vomiting and diarrhoea.

He allegedly went directly to bed to rest. His parents tracked him down when he failed to show up for class.

Five days later, an autopsy indicated that he had substantial centrilobular liver necrosis, which caused organ shutdown.

The actual cause of death, according to the case report, “could not be determined by the autopsy because the interpretation of findings was very difficult due to the autopsy delay.”

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), his post-mortem indicated the presence of Bacillus cereus, which creates a toxin when cooked or left out for too long.

AJ Fried Rice Syndrome

A 20-year-old guy from Brussels died after eating reheated spaghetti in tomato sauce. In an instance of fried rice syndrome, the guy died from food poisoning caused by the bacteria Bacillus cereus.

The victim, AJ, was said to have kept his dinner at room temperature for many days. AJ went out to play sports with friends after eating his lunch, only to come home half an hour later complaining of terrible headache and stomach problems, followed by bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea.

AJ Death
AJ died from food poisoning caused by the bacteria Bacillus cereus. (Source- Birmingham)

AJ chose to sleep off his symptoms, but his parents caught him when he forgot to show up for class.

Bacillus cereus, a type of bacteria that creates a deadly toxin when heated or left out for a prolonged period, was discovered during a post-mortem examination.

Bacillus cereus spores can survive boiling when consumed raw. The same bacteria can grow, reproduce, and cause diarrhoea if left at room temperature. A patient may develop ill one to six hours after consuming the material in this case.

The longer cooked food is allowed to sit at room temperature, the more likely germs will increase and make the meal unsafe to eat.

Toxins can also form in the intestines after eating, causing food poisoning 15 hours later. Fish, meat, sauces, soups, and dairy items are all susceptible to this.

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