Ajibola Odusanya Scam: Why Is Ajibola Omoyosola Odusanya Being Called Fraud?

Ajibola Odusanya Scam: Here’s what we know about Nigeria’s Tinder Swindler Ajibola Odusanya and his £20,400 debt owed to an ex-lover.

Ajibola Odusanya, a 24-year-old unemployed man, appeared in Tinubu Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday for allegedly scamming his two pals of N880,000.

According to the prosecutor, ASP. Ben Ekundayo, the defendant committed the crimes in February in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Ekundayo said the defendant defrauded Mr. Folorunsho Adeboya of N685,000 and Mr. Aliyu Shittu of N195,000.

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Ajibola Odusanya Scam

On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, Olamide (@olly_ade), a UK-based Nigerian girl, screamed out on Twitter over £20,400 supposedly due to her by an ex-lover, Ajibola Odusanya. Odusanya has had previous run-ins with other persons over the years, it turns out.

A Nigerian woman seeing Ajibola before things went south tweeted, “How can such a young guy be so cold, callous, vindictive, arrogant, and lack empathy so much?” The shocking discovery that Ajibola owes her £20,400 followed.

Olamide states in another tweet that Ajibola has been dodging payment and making up various excuses to purchase time.

Ajibola Odusanya Scam
Ajibola was arraigned in court in March 2021, facing a two-count charge of fraud and theft. (Source- zikoko )

On the other hand, she quickly concluded he was “taking her for a fool.” And accuses him of living lavishly while she suffers from financial difficulties.

In a subsequent tweet, she stated that everyone she’s told has wondered how she could pay £20,400 to a man after only one month of dating.

Shortly after venting on her TL, Olamide’s tweet went viral, with many Twitter users trying to figure out why she would lend so much money to a boyfriend in such a short period.

Olamide had been saving for a down payment on a property for four years before meeting Ajibola, but she trusted him enough to lend him everything she’d accumulated.

Why Is Ajibola Omoyosola Odusanya Being Called Fraud?

In April 2019, a Twitter user named @osekita posted images of Ajibola on the platform, accusing him of fraud.

@osekita stated that Ajibola’s attempt failed, but he accused him of defrauding other victims and “changing identities frequently.”

Following these charges, Ajibola was arraigned in court in March 2021, facing a two-count charge of fraud and theft. He was arrested after allegedly scamming two buddies out of $880,000.

Ajibola pled not guilty to both charges. Mrs. O.O. Oshin, a Chief Magistrate, granted him bail for $250,000 with one surety in the same amount and deferred the case.

Following Olamide’s call, other complaints have surfaced from Twitter users who have previously had encounters with Ajibola.

Sir Jarus, a real estate billionaire, describes three encounters with Ajibola and how he avoided the third, which would have cost him thousands of pounds.

Ajibola could refund £11,500 in cash on the spot of the £20,400 due. Blanco posted a video of herself using a money counter to validate the amount received. She also went to the bank with Olamide to deposit £5000.

More On Ajibola Omoyosola

Ajibola’s Twitter bio says little about him, but a Google search of his complete name yields a run of headlines indicating that he was arraigned in court in March 2021 for fraud-related offenses.

Ajibola Odusanya Scam
Ajibola Odusanya is allegedly scamming his two pals of N880,000. (Source-kossyderrickent )

A similar search on Twitter yields multiple mentions from people he duped.

According to one of his victims, @sirjarus, Ajibola attended school in the United Kingdom and reportedly worked for an investment management firm.

His profile and brilliance could get him a decent finance career in corporate Lagos.

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