AKMU Suhyun Weight Gain: Before And After Photos

AKMU Suhyun Weight Gain: How much has the singer put on? Get the latest updates about her weight, including other topics associated with her life.

South Korean singer Lee Su-hyun made her debut as the vocalist of the sibling duo AKMU on April 7, 2014, under YG Entertainment.

This significant step came after her notable appearance on the second installation of the SBS audition program K-pop Star.

During the show, Lee participated alongside her brother and emerged as the winner, gaining recognition for her exceptional talent.

Furthermore, in 2014, Lee was also part of the duo Hi Suhyun, formed collaboratively with Lee Hi.

Expanding Suhyun’s artistic horizons, she took a step into the realm of solo artistry on October 16, 2020, with the release of her digital single titled “Alien.”

This marked a significant career milestone, showcasing her musical prowess and creativity.

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AKMU Suhyun Weight Gain: Watch Before And After Photos

Suhyun, a member of the group AKMU, has become the center of a lively online discussion due to the latest update about her.

AKMU Suhyun’s weight gain is a topic that has drawn noticeable attention.

The focus was on a photograph of Suhyun taken during the presentation of the Netflix show ‘Nineteen Twenty (19/20),’ which happened at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul on the same day.

In this show, Suhyun takes on the role of one of the MCs for a dating reality program.

On that day, Lee was seen wearing a white skirt and a black top, and her refreshing demeanor and distinct smile effortlessly grabbed everyone’s attention.

Suhyun’s adorable smile further highlighted her infectious charm, making people even more interested.

Suhyun seems to have put on some weight, but people said she looked even cuter than before.

Suhyun Before and After
Suhyun has undoubtedly gained some weight. (Source: Kstartrend.com)

People have praised her for appearing more radiant and wholesome than before.

Netizens on online communities like ‘FM Korea’ have been sharing their reactions to the recent snapshots of Suhyun.

The comments have been diverse, with some expressing surprise while others have been sending well wishes for her good health and happiness.

AKMU Suhyun admits having Eating disorder

The focus has shifted towards AKMU’s Lee Suhyun, who openly acknowledged her past struggles with bulimia.

AKMU Suhyun Eating Disorder
AKMU Suhyun admitted having an eating disorder, Bulimia Nervosa. (Source: Koreaboo.com)

Suhyun revealed that the stress pressure led her to adopt a coping mechanism of eating.

This approach resulted in weight loss but also triggered the development of bulimia.

Suhyun, another member of AKMU, has won affection for her delightful appearance and her melodious voice.

When Suhyun initially debuted, her endearing plump cheeks became her trademark.

However, as Suhyun engaged in her various activities, she managed to shed 8 kilograms and unveiled a more mature and sophisticated allure.

Although it appeared on the surface that Suhyun was adeptly maintaining her weight, she stunned her fans by disclosing her battle with bulimia.

This revelation left her devoted supporters heartbroken.

Suhyun expressed, “Whenever I experienced stress, I felt compelled to eat, even when I wasn’t hungry. This wasn’t a conscious decision, but upon reflection, I realized that consuming to the point of discomfort was a clear indicator of bulimia.”

Suhyun’s candid admission has shed light on the complexities she encountered.

It emphasizes the significance of both mental and physical well-being within the realm of entertainment.

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