Albert Saputra Wikipedia: Singapore Sports School Badminton Coach

Many are curious about Singapore sportsman Albert Saputra Wikipedia. Saputra is a famous Badminton player.

The well-known sportsman Albert Saputra, is from Singapore and has Singaporean nationality.

Saputra, alongside being a successful badminton player, is also a badminton coach. Recently, many people have been curious about Albert Saputra and his Wikipedia.

So, to clear and provide insights into everyone’s curiosity, this article will delve into Albert Saputra, his Wikipedia, and recent news about him.

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Albert Saputra Wikipedia and Biography

Albert Saputra is a famous and successful sportsman with a noteworthy career in badminton.

The badminton player will be 33 years old in 2024, born on December 5th of 1990.

The well-known sportsman Albert Saputra, is from Singapore and has Singaporean nationality.

There is not much information about the Singaporean sportsman available on the internet and by the media.

He must be a private individual who values his privacy and does not want interference in his private life.

Being private is understandable, as many famous athletes and public figures practice this because they do not want any unsolicited things regarding their private lives.

However, there seems to be an instagram account under the username “albert_saputra12,” which seems to be him.

It is suspected to be him, as we can see much badminton content there, too. For instance, the prestigious SBA, the “The Singaporean Badminton Association.”

Albert Saputra Wikipedia
Albert Saputra is a famous sportsman with a noteworthy career in badminton. (Source – Singapore badminton)

The Singapore Badminton Association is the national badminton governing body in Singapore.

Albert Saputra, alongside being a successful badminton player, is also a badminton coach. 

But since he is not exposed in public and media, one can only assume that Instagram is likely his.

Albert Saputra is also a Singapore Sports School Badminton Coach

As mentioned before, Albert Saputra is a successful player and coach. Let’s discuss his coaching career in brief.

The well-known sportsman is also a coach at Singapore Sports School.

Singapore Sports School is a specialized sports school opened on April 2, 2004, by Singapore’s second Prime Minister.

Albert Saputra works in the badminton academy of the Singapore Sports School with five other prominent people.

He works with Ong Kaifen, who is the Assistant Director of sports; Desmond Tan Kok Keong, who is the General Manager; Frances Liu Fan, who is the Senior Coach; Kevin Lim Chee Soon, who is also a Senior Coach, and lastly Yang Nianhong is a Coach.

Albert Saputra Wikipedia
Singapore Sports School aims to become an academy of excellence. (Source – today online)

These people likely make a great team with Albert Saputra to make the Singapore Badminton Academy a world-class institution.

And they also appear to keep developing and fostering excellent badminton talent in Singapore and gaining international recognition and success.

Recently, there has been a news that has been getting attention from many people.

The news is about The Singapore Sports School (SSP) dismissing a badminton coach after a student, Pranav Madhaik, became ill and died.

He died after participating in a fitness time trial. The coach seems to have violated safety rules.

He violated safety rules by failing to check the student’s well-being or account for all athletes before leaving the track.

It is unknown whether Albert was the one who was fired. Many have only been speculating. However, there is no concrete evidence that it was Albert.

The Singapore Sports School (SSP) is examining and improving its safety procedures.

The school has also presented a series of events showing that Pranav reported feeling ill, resting, and then having trouble standing.

So, it’s essential to wait until more news about the coach responsible for this horrific event is revealed.

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