Alejandro Corchs Death News: Wikipedia And Family

Alejandro Corchs Death hoax is trending online. Any sources have not yet verified the news regarding Corch’s death. 

Alejandro Corchs co-founded Purificación, a centre for psychospiritual growth and training thanatologists.

Corchs is a professional who provides psychological and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their families.

As co-director of Purificación, Corchs brings years of experience as a psychologist, grief counsellor, and spiritual teacher.

In addition, He teaches aspiring thanatologists therapeutic techniques and spiritual practises such as meditation that can comfort the dying.

Corchs also leads workshops and retreats on death, dying, and finding meaning for the general public.

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Alejandro Corchs Death News: Rumor Or Truth 

Online rumours have recently circulated that therapist and author Alejandro Corchs has died.

These reports of his death, however, appear to be just another celebrity death hoax. As of now, no credible news sources have confirmed Corchs’ death.

Death hoaxes are unfortunately common on social media, and they frequently spread quickly due to shares and likes from users who do not verify the information.

In many cases, fake accounts are created to quickly spread fabricated stories or photos about a celebrity’s death.

Alejandro Corchs Death
Alejandro Corch’s Death hoax is circulating online. (Source- Monte video)

The death hoax involving Alejandro Corchs appears to have originated from several untrustworthy online sources with no evidence to back up their claims.

Corchs has not issued a statement announcing his death, which would confirm these rumours’ falsehood.

Unless and until Corchs’ official social media accounts or a reputable news outlet confirm his death, reports of his death can be safely assumed to be just another viral death hoax with no truth behind it.

who is Alejandro Corchs: Wikipedia explored

Alejandro Corchs is a Custodian of Native American Wisdom known as Medicine Man.

Corchs embraces the Native American perspective of death as a natural part of life as a therapist specialising in thanatology.

Corchs received his training as a group, couples, and family therapist at the Montevideo Gestalt Centre.

As a family man, his community-building efforts resulted in several communities on a nature reserve, where diverse families live together in a space that honours life and diversity.

He lives with his wife and two children. Purificación, a centre for psychospiritual growth and thanatology training, was co-founded by Corchs.

Furthermore, he has written books and participated in humanitarian efforts for which he has received numerous awards.

Alejandro Corchs devotes himself as Medicine Man to passing on Native American teachings and assisting people through counselling.

In addition, his multifaceted work aims to spread knowledge and promote personal development.

Alejandro Corchs Family

Alicia Corchs Lerena is the son of Uruguayan citizens Elena Lerena and Alberto Corchs, who vanished in December 1977 during the military dictatorship in Argentina.

At the time, Alejandro was just 21 months old. His parents were among the many people who were forcibly disappeared between 1976 and 1983 in Argentina as a result of the military dictatorship.

Alejandro’s parents vanished, but he was raised by his grandparents thanks to a series of sad but miraculous events.

It must have been tough for him to grow up without his biological mother and father, who were probably killed by the regime.

Alejandro Corchs Death
Alejandro Corchs parents died during the military dictatorship in Argentina. (Source- YouTube)

Alejandro found loving guardians in his grandparents, who stepped in to provide him a loving home despite this significant loss.

He had direct knowledge of some of the darkest periods in human history due to the injustice of having his parents taken from him.

But Alejandro was fortunate enough to be saved and raised by his grandparents, which allowed him to grow up in a loving family. His life story is one of loss, caring, trauma, and tenacity.

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