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Alex Cowper Smith- Alice Eve’s ex-husband, bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Alex Cowper Smith?

Marriages seeing their downfall within a short period is not new in Hollywood. The celebrities’ hectic lives could be why they are unable to spend much time with their spouses. There could be other reasons, too.

However, looking at the data, we are sure that celebrities prefer to date people who are not in the public’s eye. Most relationships among famous people tend to last when their partners are not in the show biz. These interesting pair-ups usually end up in beautiful relationships and marriages.

But some couples in Hollywood, despite having similar stories end up separating. Today we talk about one such pair, Alex Cowper Smith and Alice Eve. Although their love story had the makings of an excellent romantic movie, it ended in a divorce.

If you are interested in the corporate business world, you must have heard the name, Alex Cowper Smith. If not that, you may know him as the husband of the stunning British actress Alice Eve. Even though Alex is famous in the corporate world, people still know him for his marriage to Alice Eve.

His connection with the British actress Alice Eve made him a public personality. People want to know everything about him. That includes his career, past relationships, net worth, and so on.

Here, we will be giving you insights into the life of Alex Cowper Smith. We will also be sharing with you the details of his and Alice Eve’s divorce.

Quick facts

Full nameAlex Cowper Smith
Birth year1982
HairDark Brown
EducationWestminster School (High School)
Nottingham University (Degree in Business and Finance)
ProfessionBanker and Financier
Spouse/GirlfriendAlice Eve (Hollywood actress) 2014-2017
Net worth$500k
Social mediaNot active

Alex Cowper Smith birth and family

Alex Cowper Smith was born in the United Kingdom. His exact date of birth is unknown, but according to some news websites, Alex was 32 years old when he married in 2014. This news implies that he was born in 1982.

Alex spent most of his life in the United Kingdom. He is of British nationality.

Alex Cowper Smith with his ex-wife Alice Eve

Alex Cowper Smith had a lovely childhood on British soil. Being brought up in a loving home that always supported him as a child, he had a wonderful childhood.

Alex has not disclosed any details about his private life. But we do know that his family lives in the UK.

Alex Cowper Smith education

Rumors say that Alex comes from a privileged background. He attended a sophisticated high school in his neighborhood.

Alex attended Westminster School, one of the most prestigious secondary schools in England. This school is famous for its curriculum as well as the historical importance it holds. It dates back to the 1370s.

Many students there are from privileged backgrounds. Alex excelled in education and other extracurricular activities, including sports in his school.

Alex attended one of the Uk’s high-ranked universities in the world, Nottingham University. In college, he studied business and finance and graduated in 2003. Alex Cowper Smith got a significant knowledge of the industry from the university.

Later, following his area of study, he pursued a career in the business world. His passion and hard work made him an immovable figure in the industry. Alex has worked with several high-profile companies in the UK.

Alex’s relationships

Alex Cowper Smith’s relationship with his ex-wife Alice Eve has been a hot topic for many years. The love story between Alice and Alex is like something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

It all began at Westminster, where Alex and Alice met for the first time, as classmates. Their mutual interest in each other turned into a relationship. And, their bond lasted throughout their days at Westminster.

Their relationship came to a natural halt as both pursued their respective careers. Alice walked in her parents’ footsteps to become an actress. At the same time, Alex entered the world of investment banking. After a while, both of them were busy in their respective careers and pursuing their dreams.

They didn’t have much contact for a long time. But destiny had other plans, and their paths crossed again. Their love towards each other reemerged, which led to them dating again.

In 2014, Alice’s career was at its peak. She had recently starred in blockbusters like ‘Men In Black 3’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.’ It was then when Alex proposed to her.

Since they were smitten with each other and committed, it was with no doubt a big yes from Alice. Alex and Alice got engaged in July 2014. On 31st December the same year, they tied the knot in a wedding ceremony held in London, England.

Alice is one of the biggest stars from Britain in Hollywood. So obviously, their marriage was a big thing for people in the UK. Sources reported that Alice arrived at the Brompton Oratory in a beautiful white cab.

She looked drop-dead gorgeous in her stunning designer wedding dress. The wedding also had a considerable budget and was grand.

Taking about her relationship with Alex, with a magazine, Alice said,

“We fell in love when we were at school. Then life took its course, and we both went out and pursued our careers. I always adored him, and we were able to reconnect at this time in our lives and magically fell back in love.”

But it needs a lot to make a marriage work, especially if you’re a busy Hollywood star at the peak of your career. Things didn’t stay magical between Alex and Alice for that long. After long friction between the pair, they decided to go their separate ways and filed for a divorce in 2017.

Despite the couple’s attempts to make their relationship work, the end came early for them. A venture that even involved Alex quitting his job at the Goldman Sachs company. According to rumors, the couple were busy in their careers and had less time for each other. Their busy schedules were the ultimate reason for their breakup.

The ex-couple did not have any children together, and Alex has stayed single since the divorce. There is no news of Alice’s post-divorce relationship either.

Somewhere in our hearts, we still wish destiny plays its part and unites them together yet again. But, there are no signals of that happening, however. We hope both Alex and Alice have a great future ahead.

Alex Cowper Smith career

After Alex graduated from university, he steadily built his career in investment banking. His career began by working for the multinational investment company Goldman Sachs.

For those unfamiliar with Goldman Sachs, it is a company with almost a trillion dollars of assets. Goldman Sachs is among the world’s largest investment banks. Its headquarters situated in New York, USA.

Alex Cowper Smith and Alice Eve

For Alex, this was a secure job that helped him earn an impressive income and live a luxurious living. Furthermore, this was something he hoped to do after his graduation, so he was happy with the job. Starting as an associate, Alex worked his way up to become a financier in the company. He got promoted in 2015.

After the promotion, his work involved dealing with massive monetary amounts. In a few years, Alex suddenly resigned from the job for personal reasons.

According to sources, he left the job because he could not give the needed time for his new relationship. But this is just a rumor which is not confirmed by either Alex or Alice. If it is true, we admire Alex for making such an excellent compromise for his lovely girlfriend.

After he resigned, Alex is reportedly working for the British Red Cross Society. We don’t know what job he performs there. But it is rumored that he works as a volunteer for their fundraising webpage.

Alex Cowper Smith net worth

Alex Cowper Smith comes from a prosperous family. He has worked hard in his career as a financier and banker.

For some reason, he has been unable to make an impressive net worth from his profession. It could be because of his luxurious lifestyle too. According to sources, his net worth stands at a figure of around $500k.

Half a million dollars is still a considerable sum of money for ordinary people like us. But considering his stature, it may sound scant. Alex is still working and has a lot of time to contribute to his net worth.

Alex Cowper Smith social media

Alex Cowper Smith is not active on any social media platform. He likes to stay away from the world of the internet, which is quite unusual in today’s age.

And that is all the information we have about Alice Eve’s former husband and banker Alex Cowper Smith. Please comment if you think we have missed out on any details. We love hearing from you guys!