Alexandre De Meyer biography: Ex-husband of Danielle Colby

Who is Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre De Meyer became famous due to his relationship with TV personality Danielle Colby. But as an artist, Alexandre never got public attention before his relationship.

He came into the spotlight after his ex-wife became a TV personality. People wanted to know about this Frenchman Danielle Colby married.

Formerly a graphic designer, Alexandre is a digital artist. His heart, however, is in visual and design art.

He has been a part of some significant projects that have received recognition. Yet, despite his unparalleled skills, he found it hard to make it into people’s notice. As a result, Alexandre had his fair share of struggles in his life.

Leaving France, his home country, and migrating to the US to pursue his dream was a big decision. He was into something big back in his home country.

Today we talk about the struggles of Alexandre and everything there is to know about him.

Alexandre De Meyer
Alexandre De Meyer’s biography

Quick facts

Full NameAlexandre de Meyer
Birth PlaceVoirin, France
ProfessionGraphic Designer
HairLight Brown
EyesDark Brown
Ex-WifeDanielle Colby
Net WorthEstimated $2 million
Social MediaNot Active

Early life

Alexandre De Meyer was born in Voirin, France, a commune in the Southeast region of France. He grew up in a beautiful place at the foothills of the French Alps in a middle-class family.

His father worked hard to feed his family. Middle-class fathers in Voirin were primarily farmers or market gardeners.

With his sister by his side, Alexandre had a wonderful childhood in Voiron. Despite moving to the United States, he still remembers his childhood in the French Alps.

Alexandre showed an interest in art and design from an early age. The town of Voiron dates back to the 17th century.

It may be the same for Alexandre De Meyer. The area’s arts and culture sparked his interest in art in his childhood.

Alexandre has been in the United States for years, pursuing his career. Now that he is a citizen of the United States, he lives in Chicago.

His ex-wife had celebrated his green card acquisition by posting a photo of them on social media.


Interested in art and design, Alexandre became a graphic designer. His skills are exceptional. After years of mastering the field, he put his skills to use in starting his print shop.

In the beginning, Alexandre created designs for T-shirts, postcards, posters, and cover artworks. Later, he developed a website to reach out to more audiences and expand his business.

His print shop is in Chicago, Illinois, where Alexandre has lived and done business always. With his ability to showcase his work on the internet, his design and artwork became very famous. Moreover, he shared videos about design and techniques.

Alexandre grew up in the late 1970s. The traditional American tattoos in the 60s and 70s movies profoundly influenced him. As a result, his work style incorporated classic pop art and digital technology.

His unique artwork caught the eye of the internet. And the people loved it as it had the essence of American pop culture.

Alexandre does well for himself, and his business is thriving. There is a vast number of specialized orders from his followers. He also designs t-shirts for bands.

His best work is on display at the Michelin Museum in France. Additionally, the blueprint for the Museum is accredited to him, for which they highly praised Alexander.

He became well known for his work and has received more projects from many companies.

Aside from designing posters and covers, Meyer also creates logos, stickers, postcards, and T-shirts.


Danielle Colby (ex-wife)

Danielle Colby ex-wife of Alexandre De Meyer
Danielle Colby ex-wife of Alexandre De Meyer

Most of Alexander De Meyer’s fame came from his marriage to reality television star Danielle Colby.

Danielle Colby is a TV personality best known for “American Pickers.” The show aired in 2010. The show focuses on collecting antique things and selling them for a profit.

Danielle is a regular on the front; hence she gets a lot of attention.

Danielle Colby is famous for her youthful and quirky look. However, being in her fifties as of 2020, Danielle still stays in great shape.

Alexandre has known his ex-wife for a long time. The ex-couple has not revealed how they met, but it was somewhere in 2011.

Some posts about Danielle said Alexandre had made a logo for her clothing boutique. It was just before she opened her first shop in Le Claire. But, according to many, they have been dating ever since.

It seemed like a professional encounter, which later became a romantic affair.

When they were married, the couple uploaded many pictures together on social media. Unfortunately, the couple broke up and divorced shortly after their marriage.

They divorced sometime around 2017. Unfortunately, both parties did not reveal the real reason.

Alexandre has now slowly depleted from the spotlight after their breakup. He has been secretive about his private life after the divorce. Danielle, however, is in a relationship with Jeremy Scheuch.

Alexandre and Danielle are no longer together. But, they still have a great understanding and are on good terms.


Alexandre has remained away from the spotlight ever since he divorced Danielle Colby. As a result, his current romantic involvement is unknown.

We hope we have answered all your queries on Alexandre De Meyer. Let us know if we missed any details.

The net worth of Alexandre De Meyer

Alexandre makes a stable income every year working in the technical field. From his successful career as a graphic designer, his net worth is approximately $2 million. 

The media does not know much about his current lifestyle. But we can assume that he lives a lavish lifestyle.

Social media

Despite being actively involved with the digital medium to create art, Alexandre de Meyer likes to keep his distance from social media. Hence, he is not present on any social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

However, he is available on LinkedIn

Alexandre de meyer alvarium

Alexander de Meyer is a partner, supervisory board member, and chief executive officer at Alvarium, an investment company. However, he is not the same person as Danielle Colby’s ex-husband, Alexandre de Meyer.

They have the same name, so it has been not very clear.


Is Danielle Colby still married?

Danielle Colby is not married to anyone at the moment. However, the divorcee has been dating Jeremy Scheuch since 2017. They started their relationship sometime after Danielle’s divorce from Alexandre de Meyer. Presently, Danielle and Jeremy are in a live-in relationship.

What does Alexandre de Meyer do?

Alexander started his career by working at an art shop named Going Blind. After gaining some experience there, he started his venture, “Neuf Vies. Alexandre has also created a website through which he serves individual clients and companies.

What is Alexandre de Meyer passionate about?

Alexandre de Meyer is passionate about digital art and graphic designing.

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