Alexandre De Meyer: Danielle Colby’s Ex-Husband, Bio, Family, Career, and Net Worth

Who is Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre De Meyer became famous after his relationship with TV personality, Danielle Colby. Alexandre, being an artist, never got the public’s attention before his relationship.

He was under the spotlight after his ex-wife broke through as a TV personality. People wanted to know about this French man who Danielle Colby married.

Alexandre is a digital artist who previously worked as a graphic designer. He considers himself to be a visual and design artist at heart.

He participated in some big projects that have earned him some recognition. Like any other artist, Alexandre used his creative mind to create different designs. He always appreciated the beauty of digital art and became more obsessed with it.

Alexandre puts his visionary mind in work to create masterpieces of digital art. Despite his unparalleled skills, he found it hard to make it into people’s notice. Alexandre had his fair share of struggles in his life.

Leaving France, his home country, and migrating to the US to pursue his dream was a big decision. He was into something big back in his home country.

When Alexandre got fame after his ex-wife got famous in the TV world, everyone wanted to know him. People wanted to know about his career and relationship with Danielle.

Today we talk about the struggles of Alexandre De Meyer and everything there is to know about him.

Alexandre De Meyer: Birth, Childhood, and Nationality

Alexandre De Meyer was born in Voirin, France, a commune in the Southeast region of France. Alexandre grew up in a beautiful place in the roots of the French Alps. Although we have less information about his parents, we know that he was born in a middle-class family.

His father had to work hard to feed his family. Most of the middle-class family fathers in Voirin did agricultural or market gardening.

Alexandre had a beautiful childhood in Voiron, growing up with his sister. He always remembers his childhood in the french alps after he migrated to the US.

From a young age, Alexandre showed an interest in art and design. Voiron is a historical town dating back to the 17th century. There are many historical monuments to look up to as inspirations while growing up.

It may be the same for Alexandre De Meyer. The area’s arts and culture that sparked his interest in art since his childhood.

Now it’s been years since Alexandre came to the US to pursue his career. There has been news that Alexandre is now a green card holder and settled in Chicago. His ex-wife had celebrated his green card acquisition by posting a photo of them on social media.

Alexandre De Meyer: Career

Interested in art and design, Alexandre started his career as a graphic designer. He is very good at it. After years of mastering his skill on the field, he directed his efforts into starting his print shop.

Alexandre began by creating different designs on t-shirts, postcards, posters, and cover artworks. Later, he started his website to reach out to more audiences and expand his business.

His print shop is in Chicago, Illinois, where Alexandre has lived and done business always. With his ability to showcase his work on the internet, his design and artwork became very famous. He also shared videos on designings and techniques.

Alexandre grew up witnessing the late 70s culture. The traditional American tattoo from the 1960-70s movies hugely inspired him. This influence grew on his work style, where he used to mix classic pop art with digital technology.

Alexandre’s unique artwork was being famous on the internet. And, the people loved it as it had the essence of American pop culture.

Alexandre is doing good for himself, and the business is going right. There is a vast number of specialized orders from his followers. He has also been taking orders from bands for designing for their t-shirts.

We can see his best work at the Michelin Museum in France. Alexandre got highly praised for his blueprint of the museum.

He became well known for his work and has received more projects from many companies.

Alexandre De Meyer: Relationship with His Ex-Spouse Danielle Colby

Alexandre has known his ex-wife for a long time. The ex-couple has not revealed how or where they met, but we assume it started in 2011.

Some posts about Danielle said that Alexandre had made a logo for her clothing boutique. It was just before she opened her first shop in Le Claire. According to many, they have been dating ever since.

At the time, it seemed like a professional encounter, which later on grew to be a romantic affair. The couple got married, avoiding any media attention. The ex-couple didn’t want the hype, so they kept it a secret.

No further information about their marriage is out yet. The couple seemed very much in love with each other at that time. People have continuously seen them uploading pictures together on social media.

The couple broke up and got divorced a short time after their marriage. Both parties did not reveal the real reason.

Alexandre has now slowly depleted from the spotlight after their break up. He has been secretive about his private life after the divorce. Danielle, however, is in a relationship with Jeremy Scheuch.

Alexandre De Meyer’s Ex-Wife Danielle Colby

Alexandre De Meyer got most of his fame from his marriage with his ex-wife Danielle Colby, a reality TV star.

Danielle Colby is a TV personality best known for her work in the show “American Pickers.” The show focuses on collecting antique things and selling them for a profit.

Danielle is a regular on the front and has gotten a lot of recognition from it. “American Pickers” first aired in 2010 and is a success till today.

Danielle Colby is famous for her youthful and quirky look. Being in her fifties as of 2020, Danielle still manages to stay in great shape.

Alexandre and Danielle are no longer together. But, they still have a great understanding and are on good terms.

Alexandre De Meyer: Net Worth and Social Media

Working in the technical field, Alexandre De Meyer makes a stable sum of income every year. From his successful career as a graphic designer, he has accumulated a hefty sum of around $700k in his net worth.

The media does not know much about his current lifestyle. But we can assume that he lives a lavish lifestyle.

Alexandre De Meyer is not active in any social platform. Working in the digital field, we can assume he likes to only engage in it for his work. He stays away from platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

We hope we answered all your queries on Alexandre De Meyer. Let us know if we missed any details.

Here are some quick facts on Alexandre De Meyer:

Full Name Alexandre de Meyer
Birthday Unknown
Birth Place Voirin, France
Profession Graphic Designer
Height 5’11
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Dark Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity French
Ex-Wife Danielle Colby
Kids None
Net Worth Estimated $700k
Social Media Not Active