Alexus Whilby- Ex-wife of Todd Chrisley

Who is Alexus Whilby?

Alexus Whilby is an entrepreneur famously known for being “Chrisley Knows Best’ star, Todd Chrisley‘s eldest son’s ex-wife.

Kyle Chrisley, the former reality TV star, had significant issues with his drug dependency. He suffered from a mental illness and was subject to multiple domestic violence.

Alexus Whilby entered his life, transformed him entirely into a human, and encouraged him to restart.

Since tying the knot with the former reality TV star Kyle Chrisley, Alexus Whilby gained public and media attention.

Alexus is the co-owner of Home Designs and Business Development.

Alexus is also the company’s director and co-owner of Whilby’s Company, LLC, headquartered in Georgia. She and Kyle created a musical duo called Lexi & Kyle Chrisley and released their first song, Shame On You.

Alexus Whilby Biography
Alexus Whilby Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameAlexus Whilby
Age 32 years old
BirthplaceGeorgia, USA
Currently residingMarietta, Georgia
NationalityJamaican, American
EducationBachelors of Science program from Oglethorpe University.,
Degree in Biopsychology in 2014
ParentsIssac Samuel Whilby,
Judy Malcolm
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spouseKyle Chrisley (m.2014-2019)
Professionco-owner/director of Home Designs and Business Development,
co-owner of Whilby’s Company, LLC,
Net WorthApprox. USD 1 million
Social mediaFacebook,
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
HeightNo information

Interesting Facts

1. Alexus Whilby is half-Jamaican

Alexus is of mixed ethnicity, and her roots go back to Jamaica.

Her dad, Issac Whilby, was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States. Her mother, Judy, is American, making her half-Jamaican and half-American.

2. She is the ex-wife of Kyle Chrisley

Alexus is best known as the ex-wife of Kyle Chrisley. Kyle is the eldest son of the ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ star, Todd Chrisley.

Kyle had significant drug issues and a history of domestic violence toward his partners.

3. She is highly educated

Alexus has an undergraduate degree in Science program from Oglethorpe University and a degree in Biopsychology.

4. Kyle and Alexus did not meet in high school

Alexus met Kyle for the first time online. They chatted for a while and started dating. 

Rumors of them meeting in high school is false, as Kyle went to a private military school.

5. She is not a celebrity

Unlike Alexus’s ex-husband, she is not a celebrity. She became famous only after marrying Kyle Chrisley.

Alexus is Home Designs and Business Development and Whilby’s Company, LLC co-owner.

She has also been working at ALTA Language Services, Inc. 

Alexus Whilby with husband Kyle Chrisley

Alexus Whilby Childhood

Alexus Whilby was born to the late Issac Samuel Whilby and Judy Malcolm. 

Her father was born and raised in St. Ann, Jamaica. He moved to the United States, met Alexus’s mother, and married her. 

Her parent’s divorced after decades of marriage. Her father later married Janet Pottinger. Sadly, he died in August 2017 at the age of 63.

Since her dad was a Jamaican, her lineage goes back to the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Therefore, Alexus Whilby belongs to the Jamaican-American ethnicity.

She is the youngest of three children. She has two brothers named Gregory Whilby and Patrick Whilby. All of them grew up together in Florida.

Alexis Whilby Education

Alexus graduated Bachelors of Science program at Oglethorpe University. She also got a degree in Biopsychology in 2014.

She was active in college and President of the French Club and Culture of Oglethorpe University.

Alexus Whilby Personality Traits

Wilby’s body measurements are unknown; however, it looks like she has an average height. She has black-colored eyes and hair.

Her hourglass body makes her look beautiful in everything she wears. She even has a pretty smile on her chin, with dimples.

Alexus and her husband, Kyle, made music together and released it on Soundcloud. They were known as ‘Lexi and Kyle Chrisley.’ Their songs are ‘Country Baby,’ ‘Shame on You,’ and ‘Outta Here.’

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Alexis Whilby Relationship & Marriage

Alexus Whilby married Kyle Chrisley in 2014. She had stood by her husband’s side even when he was at his lowest point. She helped him get out of drug addiction.

They purchased a 3,000-square-foot home in Georgia after getting married.

Alexus’s husband, Kyle, even said he wanted to start a family with Alexus in an interview in 2017.

Alexus Whilby and Kyle Chrisley

How did Alexis and Kyle meet?

Alexus met Kyle Chrisley online. They chatted for a while and decided to date. Eventually, they fell in love and got married.

There had been a rumor that the couple had met in high school. However, Kyle’s father, Todd, has stated that Kyle went to a private military school, so there’s no way they’d meet like that.

Alexis Whilby and Kyle Chrisley divorce

Alexus Whilby filed for divorce against her husband, Kyle, as he reportedly threatened to kill her. 

He was arrested in late 2019 over drug charges. The Oklahoma Police also found out that he was a wanted man in another state for giving death threats to his wife. 

Alexus called the authorities after she got threatening text messages from Kyle. 

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Kyle Chrisley

Kyle Chrisley is the eldest child of the “Chrisley Knows Best” stars, Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry. He was born in South Carolina, United States.

Before dating Alexus, he was in a relationship with Angela Victoria Johnson. He shared a daughter named Chloe with her. 

Kyle Chrisley with his nanny Faye Chrisley
Kyle Chrisley with his nanny Faye Chrisley

They separated after he attacked her because of his addiction and threatened his sister with a knife.

In addition, he lost his daughter’s custody due to his drug addiction and domestic violence toward his ex-girlfriend. As a result, her mother, Angela, and grandfather, Todd, were given guardianship.

However, Angela was convicted in 2016 when she reportedly accused her daughter, Chloe, of being dependent and defrauding Medicaid and food stamps. As a result, Todd got his granddaughter’s full custody.

With all the past behind him, it might seem impossible that Kyle would find love again. But fate forgave him as he held the hand of another woman, Alexus.

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Alexus Whilby child

According to her Instagram bio, she is a mother. Some sources say that she gave birth to a daughter. 

Alexus Whilby’s ex-husband, Kyle, also has a daughter named Chloe Chrisley with his ex-partner, Angela.

Kyle’s parents are taking care of Chloe now.

Chloe Chrisley
Kyle’s daughter Chloe Chrisley

Alexus Whilby controversy

Alexus filed a complaint against her husband, Kyle, in 2019 after he allegedly threatened to murder her. She confirmed these messages to the police and subsequently received a warrant for his immediate arrest.

His bipolar disorder and experience battling opioid abuse seem to be repeating repeatedly.

In May 2019, Kyle was arrested for alleged drug trafficking in Oklahoma just a few months after mistreating his life partner. For now, it is unclear which sentence he would have to complete if he is found guilty.

It’s not the first time Kyle has been charged, though, or he has misbehaved with others. He was also held in therapy for his past habits.

Alexus and Kyle were expecting their first child when any of this came to the public’s attention. But the matter will remain a mystery unless one wants to talk about it.

The controversies in Kyle’s life do not seem to come to an easy end. Kyle’s parents got arrested in early August 2019 for tax evasion and fraud charges. After their surrender before the authorities, Alexus’ father-in-law, Todd, and his wife were kept in custody for a certain period.

Kyle Chrisley with father Todd Chrisley and mother Julie Chrisley
Kyle Chrisley with Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley

Also, Kyle made a suicide attempt in late August 2019 that wiped out the entire Chrisley family. It seems the husband of Alexus was not happy with the circumstances surrounding him.

After his attempted suicide, the entire family reunited in the hospital to encourage Kyle. Through the hospital snaps, Kyle looked very relaxed and ready to give a fresh start to his life.

Ideally, Kyle succeeds in giving a new living. He’s got a great derivation. No doubt, in the first stage, he motivates himself and brightens his life with the strengths from his dark past that he has amassed himself.

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Alexus Whilby Chrisley has been working at ALTA Language Services, Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2014. She is fluent in multiple languages, like French and Spanish.

She also co-owns Whilby’s Company, LLC, in Georgia. Whilby is also the co-owner/director of Home Designs and Business Development.

She became famous after marrying the son of a real estate mogul and a reality TV star, Todd Chrisley. 

Net Worth

Alexus Whilby’s financial status is unknown since she draws a lot of profits from her business activities. Although the information about her exact net worth is unknown, her role as director and co-owner of Whilby LL is estimated to be worth millions of dollars.

Alexus Whilby has earned a large deal of money from her work. According to some sources, she has an estimated net worth of USD 1 million.

She currently works at ALTA Language Services as an account manager, where her annual salary is over USD 64,000.

The net value for Kyle Chrisley is believed to be around USD 1 million, according to some sources. On the other hand, his father, Todd Chrisley, owns a net worth of -USD 5 million.

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Social Media

Alexus Whilby is very active on social media. She is on Facebook as Alexus Whilby. She has posted her favorite quotes and photos on her account. 

Alexus does not have a Twitter account.


The ex-wife of Kyle Chrisley, Alexis Whilby, is especially active on Instagram. She goes by the username @lexisbeautifullife

She has a private account and has more than 1k followers.

Alexus Whilby Now

After the divorce from Kyle Chrisley, Alexus is living a quiet and peaceful life. She loves home design and works at ALTA Language Services as an account manager. She also co-owns Whilby’s Company, LLC, in Georgia.

She is living out of the spotlight in Marietta, Georgia. 


What happened to Alexus Whilby?

Alexus Whilby divorced Kyle Chrisley and went on to live a peaceful life. She is focusing on her career as an account manager at ALTA Language Services. She also looks after her venture, Whilby’s Company, LLC, in Georgia. She is living in Marietta, Georgia, with her daughter.

Who is Kyle Chrisley’s girlfriend?

Alexus Whilby’s ex-husband, Kyle Chrisley, has a new woman in his life after separating from her. He started dating a woman named Ashleigh Nelson in 2019. She is a mother of two kids.

When did Alexus and Kyle divorce?

Alexus filed for a divorce against Kyle in 2019 after he allegedly threatened to kill her. 

Did Kyle threaten Alexus? 

Yes, Kyle Chrisley threatened to kill his then-wife, Alexus Whilby. In January 2019, Alexus got a threatening text message from Kyle in which he wrote, “[N]ot before I end you. I’m going to the streets. I will get my s**t and take care of this problem with you because if I’m not with you, nobody will be. Bye, Alexus.” Alexus asked if he was giving her death threats, to which he answered yes.

Why Doesn’t Alexus Whilby Have Custody Of Chloe?

Alexus Whilby does not have custody of Chloe as she is not her biological daughter. Before, the court gave Chloe’s custody to her mother, Angela, and her grandfather, Todd Chrisley. But after Angela was arrested for defrauding food stamps and Medicaid, her custody was given to her grandparents.

Are Alexus Whilby And Kyle Chrisley Still Together?

No, Alexus Whilby and Kyle Chrisley are not together. Both of them have gone separate ways. Alexus focuses on her work and her daughter’s upbringing, whereas Kyle married Ashleigh Nelson on March 30, 2021.

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