Aliko Dangote Scandal And Controversy: Divorce With Ex Wife

Aliko Dangote Scandal: The well-known businessman Aliko Dangote is no stranger to scandals and controversies that frequently make headlines.

 Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian business tycoon and investor.

One of the biggest companies in Africa, the Dangote Group, is one he founded and serves as chairman of.

With a net worth of $17.8 billion as of June 2023, Dangote is also the richest person in Africa.

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Aliko Dangote Scandal

Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, has a troubled reputation due to several scandals.

A significant debate centers on claims of corruption. Dangote has been accused of bribing government officials using money and power to win contracts.

Although the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) exonerated him of any wrongdoing in 2009, these accusations still follow him and cast doubt on his business methods.

Abuse charges are yet another issue that has tarnished Dangote’s reputation. His ex-wife, Hajia Mariya Aliko Dangote, filed for divorce, citing physical and psychological abuse.

Aliko Dangote Scandal
Aliko Dangote with his family (Image Source: ng.dailyadvent)

Although Dangote has categorically refuted these accusations, the divorce was officially finalized earlier this year, putting a mark on both his private and public image.

Dangote has been examined for possible tax evasion and claims of corruption and abuse.

He allegedly avoided paying significant taxes in Nigeria, prompting the Nigerian government to investigate.

These accusations raise questions about Dangote’s adherence to moral and ethical principles and add to the controversy surrounding him.

Even though Dangote denies the accusations and has not been found guilty of any crimes, the scandals have unquestionably hurt his position and reputation.

They have questioned his moral character, methods of doing business, and methods of dealing with people. 

Aliko Dangote Controversy

One of Africa’s most well-known figures, Aliko Dangote, has become involved in several issues, drawing support and criticism from many sources.

Due to his considerable riches and power throughout his career, the public has differing opinions about him.

Many people have praised Dangote’s entrepreneurial drive and contributions to economic progress, and he has gained a sizable following.

His business endeavors have boosted growth in several industries and produced numerous job possibilities.

Supporters draw attention to his charitable endeavors, which have significantly influenced African communities. These include his contributions to healthcare and education.

Dangote, however, has also been under Fire from individuals who criticize his ethical standards and business ethics.

His critics claim that he has abused his power and riches to acquire unfair advantages, giving rise to accusations of monopolistic and evil behavior.

As a result, there is still disagreement in public over Dangote, with supporters emphasizing his good contributions to the development of Africa.

At the same time, detractors raise questions about his alleged unethical business practices.

Discussions concerning the obligations of affluent people and the necessity of openness and responsibility in corporate practices have been sparked by the Dangote controversy.

The conflicting perspectives on Dangote’s activities and effects ultimately highlight the nuanced nature of his influence throughout Africa.

Aliko Dangote Divorce

Despite being a prosperous businessman, Aliko Dangote has gone through a fair number of marriages and divorces.

Mariya, Halima, and Fatima were the three daughters he had with his first wife, Hajiya Zainab.

After they divorced, Dangote pursued a relationship with Mariya Muhammad Rufai, a former commissioner for women’s affairs and human services in Bauchi. Sadly, their union, too, broke down in divorce.

Sylvia Nduka, the 2013 beauty queen, and Dangote have also been linked, though neither has confirmed or disputed the connection.

Aliko Dangote with his wife
Aliko Dangote with his wife (Image Source: coverghana)

Aliko Dangote and Hajiya Zainab have one daughter, Fatima Abubakar (Dangote), the oldest. She holds a law degree from the University of Surrey and is also a successful businesswoman.

The second daughter, Halima Bello (Dangote), has succeeded in business by following in her father’s footsteps.

She is the Executive Director of Commercial Operations of the Dangote Group and has a Master’s in Business Administration. Sulaiman Sani Bello and Halima have two daughters together.

Mariya Dangote, the third daughter, has shielded the public from her private life. Thus, nothing is known about her.

Last, Abdulrahman Fasasi is the name of Aliko Dangote’s adoptive son. There are few details about Abdulrahman’s personal life, education, and job, but he is reportedly doing well like his sisters.

Dangote’s relationships and family life have had their share of difficulties, but his children have continued to build their names for themselves in various occupations.

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