Amanda Styles Texas Divorce: Split From Husband Ryan Parnell

Amanda Styles Texas divorce with her husband has led them to fight for their children’s custody.

Amanda Blaine Styles is a Texas native, living with her husband for a long time.

The pair were initially so in love that no one believed they would even get separated in the future.

Styles and her husband faced their life’s highs and lows with enduring love and strong determination toward each other.

With their immense love and shared dreams, they became parents of beautiful children who brought joy into their home.

However, as Amanda and Ryan’s children started growing, the couple started getting a lot of problems in their relationship.

They tried every possible way to live happily in their marriage, but various circumstances occurred in life, that led them to make the most difficult decisions.

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Amanda Styles Texas Divorce: Ex-Husband Ryan Parnell

Amanda Styles and Ryan Parnell’s love story began in the heart of Texas, a relationship that initially seemed for a lifetime of shared dreams and deep connection.

Their journey together was marked by love, laughter, and a strong relationship that endured life’s storms.

However, as in many relationships, unforeseen circumstances arose, forcing them to reconsider their decisions.

Amanda and Ryan faced the hard truth that their shared paths were diverging creating a lot of problems in their marriage.

Amanda Styles Texas Divorce
Amanda Styles separated from her husband, Ryan Parnell. (Source: Siasat)

This truth led them to make the tough choice to dissolve their marriage, a choice that was made even more difficult because of their role as parents.

Nonetheless, the choice to end the marital union is a very serious decision that has carefully been taken with lots of maturity.

Despite the constant curiosity of the public, Amanda and Ryan have kept the specifics of their divorce a secret.

They have protected their divorce reasons from needless public scrutiny by keeping the specifics to themselves and following them throughout the process.

Additionally, both of them had to deal with the difficulties of paperwork, negotiations, and the emotional aspect that followed the end of their relationship.

Even though the divorce case ultimately ended, a new aspect arose that led them to fight the legal battle once again.

Since they were parents, they had to fight for their children’s custody, another challenging situation for Amanda and Ryan.

Amanda Styles And Ryan Parnell Children Custody

In a well-publicized custody trial, Mr. Parnell, a former Army, novelist and a contender for the U.S. Senate, was embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-wife.

The complex legal battle was for the custody of their three children ranging from age 8 to 12.

The case details have been reported by a website known as JDSUPRA, which revealed the intricacies of the custody case.

Notably, both parties were already sharing legal and physical custody, indicating a 50/50 split.

Amanda Styles Texas Divorce
The child custody case has been reported on a website. (Source: Stein Sperling)

But things got complicated when Mr. Parnell, who was campaigning for national office, had to deal with having to travel a lot.

If he won, he might end up holding office about 250 miles away from the shared custody location.

The case was given to a judge who acknowledged the hectic timetable of a national election campaign.

Parnell’s numerous county visits and participation in fundraising activities raised questions about the stable and consistent environment for the kids.

While the first case was withdrawn, the second case went to trial and was ultimately dismissed.

Even though the website has given details about Mr. Parnell and his case, it is not sure if the case is Amanda and Ryan’s custody case.

Since the cases seem quite relatable, there is a possibility that both Mr. Parnell are the same person, however, it has not been confirmed. 

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