Amari Avery Parents: Father Andre Avery And Mother Maria Avery

The California star golf player Amari Avery parents are Andre Avery and Maria. They are her immense supporters and are happy to see their daughter progress in her golfing career.

Born on Dec 30, 2004, Amari Avery is a star golf player, better known for featuring in the 2013 Netflix Documentary, ‘State of Play: Trophy Kids.’

As for Amari Avery’s parents, her dad, Andre Avery, seems to be a familiar face and name in the media. However, her mom, Maria Avery, probably likes living a low-key life.

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Amari Avery Parents: Andre Avery And Maria Avery

Amari Avery’s parents are huge fans as well as supporters, for sure. Amari is Andre Avery and Maria Avery’s second daughter. 

Gorgeous Amari is of mixed descent as her father is African-American, whereas her mother is from the Philippines.

Amari is not the only daughter of the Avery couple. Apart from Amari, they also have three lovely daughters, among which Amina and Alona are familiar names in the media.

Her father served in the US Navy for ten years. As for now, Andre Avery is allegedly working as an information consultant, according to The New York Times.

Amari’s dad, Andre Avery, started to call his daughter ‘Tigeress.’ He thought she was Tiger Woods at just six years old.

He has been guiding her every step of the way, be it as a coach, mentor or father.

Amari Avery parents
Amari Avery’s father named his daughter ‘Tigeress’ after legendary Tiger Woods. (Source: GolfDigest)

Even though Amari’s mom, Maria Avery, keeps her life a low profile, she gets more credit for letting her daughter pursue her dream career.

Similarly, Andre Avery safely keeps his daughter’s memories on YouTube.

He has captured videos of Amari playing golf, reading and Alona reading lines to her dad.

Amari Avery’s parents have always provided her with emotional support and worked forever to bring Amari’s passion for golfing to life.

Amari Avery Sister, Alona Avery

Of her four siblings, Amari Avery is very close to her sister, Alona Avery.

She is also following in the footsteps of Amari and is already a highly-rated junior golfer.

Like her elder sister, Alona had golf sticks in her hand at a young age. Maybe she was starstruck by her sister, Amari and also an inspiring role model to her.

We know that Amari Avery succeeded in winning four tournaments and has had 15 top-10 finishes.

Likewise, she also finished T4 in Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship in 2022.

Amari Avery sister
Amari Avery won her first Cactus Tour event as an amateur. (Source: Instagram)

No wonder Amari might have taught her sister some great techniques and sportsmanship needed to be a complete golf player.

The Avery sisters played in an elite junior event, Mack Champ Invitational, sponsored by the Cameron Champ Foundation.

With no surprise, Alona Avery won her age-division tournament in March 2022.

Amari Avery Family Ethnicity

The Avery family is very diversified if we look at their ethnicity. Amari Avery is biracial as her father is African-American, whereas her mother is Filipino.

Her father, Andre Avery, was from Africa; however, it looks as though he came to the USA for better opportunities for himself and his children.

On the other hand, Maria Avery is a Filipino woman. And the love story of Amari’s parents has not been revealed yet.

Nevertheless, knowing how Andre Avery fell for Maria Avery might be an exciting story.

Andre Avery probably made good choices to secure his and his family’s lives. He never stopped believing in his daughter’s passion and supported her without a doubt.

So, Amari Avery must be very grateful to her dad for everything he’s done for her and her family.

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