Amari Seldon Suicide: University Of Maryland Student Death 2023, Obituary

Amari Seldon Suicide raises strong questions regarding students’ mental health, peer pressure, and parental responsibilities toward children.

The University Of Maryland was in uproar yesterday following the news of a student’s death at the campus premises. The victim reportedly jumped to death from the top on the north side of SECU Stadium.

The news spread like wildfire around the uni, and students discussed the matter on the university’s forum for a whole day. There were discussions of mental health, parental responsibilities, and whatnot.

However, the student’s identity was not revealed until the 26th of October, i.e., the next day of the tragic incident. The student was Amari Seldon, who died of suicide.

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Amari Seldon Suicide: UMD Student Death 2023 News Gone Viral

Amari Seldon was a young student at the University Of Maryland. He majored in Psychology and was enrolled in UMD’s behavioral and social sciences college.

The news of Amari Seldon’s suicide was like someone threw a curveball. It was so unexpected and saddening that the entire uni was shocked to silence.

The circumstances that could have led to Seldon’s tragic passing have not been revealed so far. Likewise, there have been no details of him leaving a suicide note or any other details.

Amari Seldon Suicide
Amari Seldon died of suicide on October 25, 2023

What’s more surprising is how the uni kept the news hidden for an entire day. There was no official news from the UMD regarding the matter until the very next day.

As per one source, the uni is investigating the death of Amari Selden. The uni’s spokesperson also revealed that the late student’s family had been informed about the incident.

Likewise, the UMD explained reaching out to Amari’s friends, faculty, and staff. It also issued two alerts to inform the students about the incident and police investigation.

Amari Selden Death Sparks Massive Online Discussions

News of suicide gets massive attention as it is; it gains even more hype when the incident happens at a prestigious university like the University Of Maryland. 

Amari Selden’s demise by jumping from the building was first reported by the students of Ellicott Hall. Many students posted about the incident on the forum.

It led to the speculations of the possible circumstances behind the tragic event.

From the speculations of possible study pressure, academic stress, and depression/anxiety, there were many discussions among the users.

However, the core focus was to divert more attention to students’ mental health by parents as well as the university.

As the circumstances behind Amari Seldon’s death are unknown, these discussions are but speculations. In this period of grief, maintaining caution is highly advised.

Also, Amari Seldon’s parents’ and family’s info has been kept confidential as a matter of privacy.

Following his death, a vigil outside McKeldin Library was at 7 to honor the late student. Thousands of UMD students attended the vigil to pay their respects.

Amari Selden Suicide
A vigil was held to honor Amari Selden at the campus (Source: Reddit)

The UMD also asked students seeking support to contact their counseling center. Likewise, the UMD Help Center is free of charge and provides discreet and anonymous service.

Not just that, the Assistant Professor of UMD’s Family Science Department, Dr. Amy Morgan, reached out to students via UMD’s Reddit Handle.

The professor notified the available health and counseling services at the university. She also urged the students to seek help immediately in case of anxiety, depression, and other psychological suffering.

Amari Selden’s suicide serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness among college students. Seeking help is essential for each and every one.

Finally, we pay heartfelt condolences to the Amari’s family. May he rest in peace.

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