Amarie Burgos: Bernice Burgos’s Daughter, Bio, Career, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

Who is Amarie Burgos?

Today’s world is incomplete without social media. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube has become an essential part of life. Let’s meet one of the famous stars Amarie Burgos. The stunning, hot, and gorgeous Amarie Burgos is an American model and an Instagram star.

Amarie is popularly known for her sexy body and plumped lips. She is also the mother of a daughter named India. Amarie is also famous as the daughter of the Instagram model, Bernice Burgos.

Bernice Burgos is a renowned name in the fashion and modeling industry. She is also known as a “39 years old grandmother.” Bernice Burgos has sexy curves and a friendly personality. She also worked with Drake and J-cole.

Do you want to know more about Amarie Burgos from her childhood to career and many more? Let’s get into it.

Amarie Burgos: Childhood and Family

Amarie Burgos was born on 9 May 1992, in New York. Amarie lived in New York with her mother, Bernice Burgos, and sibling Sarai Burgos. Sarai Burgos is still young and may follow the footprints of her sister in the future.

Life was quite tricky for the Burgos family due to a lack of financial support. Yet, Bernice managed everything without any help. Amarie’s mother, Bernice, worked as a bartender to support her family at first.

The whereabouts about her father are not still out in media.

Amarie holds an American nationality. She belongs to Afro- American ethnicity.

Amarie Burgos is a young mother of a child named India Ava Burgos. India is as cute as her mother.

The information about her education is not yet out in public.

Amarie Burgos’s Father

Amarie’s mother, Bernice Burgos, raised her alone. The information about her father is quite a mystery.

Amarie Burgos’ s Sister: Sarai Burgos

Amarie Burgos has a younger sister named Sarai Burgos. Sarai is still a teenager and is focusing on her studies.

Amarie Burgos and Sarai Burgos share a very good bond.

Amarie Burgos: How old is Amarie Burgos?

The drop-dead gorgeous Amarie Burgos is 28 years old, as of the year 2020. The young, sizzling, and the hot Instagram star is quite famous throughout the world.

Amarie Burgos and Ashley Burgos

Amarie Burgos is also known as Ashley Burgos. Both the names are quite famous in the world of modeling.

Amarie Burgos: Personality Traits

The American Model Amarie Burgos stands at a standard height and weight. As per her pictures on Instagram, she appears to be quiet tall.

But, Amarie’s height, weight, and body statistics are not out in media.

Amarie Burgos’s physique is extraordinary. Amarie is a brown-eyed beauty with plump lips, which separates her from the crowd. She is a jaw-dropping beauty and has an aesthetic body.

The elegant Amarie’s zodiac sign is Taurus. Taurus women are women of substance, influential, sensual, and seductive. They show determination, focus, and confidence in whatever they do in their life.

Amarie Burgos indeed holds the character of a Taurus woman. She also loves to explore the world by traveling. In 2017, the model traveled to Miami Beach in Florida.

Amarie Burgos: Baby

Amarie Burgos gave birth to a cute baby girl named India Ava Burgos.

She is a proud mother and usually posts her daughter’s photo on Instagram. They are a mother-daughter goal.

Amarie Burgos: Who is the father of Amarie Burgos baby?

The father of Amarie Burgos’s baby is Sambou “Bubba” Camara. He is the CEO of a music label called HighbridgeThe Label.

The duo is head over heels in love with each other. But, Camara was already married to someone else at the time he knew about Amarie’s pregnancy. He left his wife and took care of his daughter India Ava Burgos as a father.

Camara also attended the baby shower of Amarie. He usually posts pictures of his daughter India on his Instagram.

Amarie Burgos: Career

Amarie Burgos is an exquisite American model and Instagram star. She is slowly succeeding through her constant dedication and hard work. There is no doubt that Amarie is following the steps of her mother, Bernice Burgos.

Except modeling, Amarie has her clothing line named “Bold and Beautiful.” Her mother, Bernice Burgos, is also a co-partner in the clothing line. It focuses on women apparel including, pajamas, bikinis, dresses, and many more.

Bernice also shared about her experience working with her daughter on a portal. She stated:

“She designed it, and she was like, ‘Ma, we could do this. Let’s do this together.’ Even though me and her we bump heads sometimes, she’s my child. But, it’s just going so well.”

Bernice added:

“It’s important for me to teach progression to my daughters. Bold and Beautiful provides me with an opportunity to grow a business with my daughter and satisfy a need in the fashion industry for sleepwear that makes a woman feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.”

Bernice Burgos is not only a successful star but also a super supportive mother. We wish the mother-daughter combo a stroke of excellent luck.

Amarie Burgos: Clothing Line “Bold and Beautiful”

Amarie and her mother, Bernice, opened their clothing line named ‘Bold and Beautiful.’

If you love to wear sexy and comfy clothes, ‘Bold and Beautiful’ is the best place to shop.

The clothing line has a lot of varieties for women. The night wears, pajamas and slippers are some of them.

Amarie Burgos’s Mother: Bernice Burgos’s Career

Life was never simple for Bernice Burgos. From becoming a mom at a very young age to being a grandmother, she faced many hardships and struggles. Bernice dropped out of high school and worked as a bartender to support her family.

Her life got better when her beautiful body and personality attracted the media. Bernice Burgos featured in magazines like ‘SHOW’ and ‘XXL.’ She also featured on the songs ‘Work Out’ (J. Cole) and ‘Diced Pineapples’ (Rick Ross).

Bernice also came under limelight due to her seductive body. People raised a lot of questions about her body structure. And Bernice chose to reveal her body surgery; she was proud of it.

Bernice Burgos is doing great in the modeling field, and she has a huge fan base on social media. She has about 5 million followers on Instagram. People go crazy after her stunning pictures on Instagram.

Amarie Burgos: Road to Fame

Amarie Burgos came under limelight because of her mother, Bernice Burgos. Bernice Burgos is a successful model and Instagram star. She is known for her desirable body, which is very much attractive.

On the other hand, Amarie also gathered media attention from her beautiful face and body. Her fans never get tired of applauding her stunning photographs on Instagram.

Amarie Burgos is a star in the making.

Amarie Burgos: Controversy

Amarie Burgos faced a lot of backlashes after her pregnancy news came out in media. But, her super mom Bernice Burgos defended her by supporting her in front of the press. Bernice took her Instagram account to protect her daughter’s pregnancy.

Bernice herself also faced many controversies due to her link-ups with celebrities. The list includes Meek Mill, Drake, Quavo, and Trey Songz.

The love triangle between T.I., his on and off wife, Tiny, and Bernice is also a viral controversy. The trio made a lot of headlines by her triangle love story.

Moreover, she faced a lot of hate for continuing modeling even after being a grandmother. Even so, she shut down all the trolls and continued her modeling career.

Except for his, there are no controversies related to the Burgos family.

Amarie Burgos: Net Worth

Amarie Burgos is living her life to the fullest. She holds a net worth of $500k. Amarie generates her revenue from modeling assignments, Instagram, and ‘Bold and Beautiful.’

The net-worth of her mother, Bernice Burgos, is estimated to be $1.1 million. Both of them are quite famous on social media platforms.

Amarie Burgos: YouTube

Amarie Burgos is also active on YouTube.

You can find her youtube channel on:


Amarie Burgos: Instagram

The glamorous Amarie Burgos is very famous on Instagram. Her Instagram is full of beautiful selfies and pictures from her photoshoots.

Amarie also posts pictures of her daughter India Ava Burgos. She is a treat to the eye.


Here are some quick facts on Amarie Burgos:

Full Name Amarie Burgos
Date of Birth 9 May 1992
Place of Birth New York
Occupation Model and Instagram Star
Parents Bernice Burgos
Siblings Sarai Burgos
Children India Ava Burgos
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro- American
Marital status Unmarried
Boyfriend Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Zodiac Taurus
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Online Presence Instagram, Youtube, etc.
Net worth $500k