Amber Alert Lillie Anderson Missing: Possible Child Abduction Is She Found?

Amber Alert Lillie Anderson missing case has been one of the trending headlines, as many are curious to know more about the case. This article will provide you with detailed insight into the case updates.

On June 11, at noon, Lillie Anderson was last seen in the 1100 block of West Kiest Boulevard.

According to the description, the missing child is a black female who is 4’02” tall, 80 lbs., and has black hair with brown eyes.

In addition, Lillie was last seen sporting two sizable side braids that merge in the back, a purple short-sleeve top, floral-patterned multicolored shorts, and shoes.

Moreover, the terrifying news has led to much speculation on how the child went missing, and many are curious to know more about it.

Amber Alert Lillie Anderson Missing: Possible Child Abduction

A 7-year-old child from Dallas has been the subject of an amber notice. Lillie was reported missing on June 11.

Anderson was last seen in an automobile along West Kiest Boulevard and South Polk Street in Oak Cliff on Sunday at noon. It was only ten minutes from her house.

According to Fox4News, she allegedly traveled in a gray crossover SUV with an unidentified make, model, and license plate.

Lillie Anderson Missing
An amber alert for a seven years old from Dallas was issued on Sunday. (Source: Ranodjo)

Moreover, she has not been located since, although the police are aggressively looking for the missing youngster.

In addition, an unidentified man sporting a black t-shirt and gray sweatpants at the time of the kidnapping is being searched by police.

Furthermore, police are asking people knowledgeable about Anderson’s location and the incident update to contact them.

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Is Lillie Anderson Found?

As mentioned, an amber alert was issued for a 7-year-old Dallas resident. The kid vanished from the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff’s 1100 block of West Kiest Boulevard.

The police officer and her family member had been searching their best to find the little girl. Fortunately, she has been found.

As per the official Twitter page of the Dallas Police Department, Ms. Anderson was located safe and sound on Monday. She was reported missing on Sunday at noon.

Lillie Anderson found
The official department declared that Lillie was found safe on June 12. (Source: Twitter)

However, the police department has not provided much insight into the girl’s location or any information regarding her.

Moreover, there has also been no information regarding the man who took her in a gray crossover SUV with an unidentified make, model, and license plate.

Furthermore, the family member of the little child must be reunited after finding their daughter safe. The incident might have been terrifying for them.

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Who kidnapped Lillie Anderson? 

A 7-year-old girl was reported missing on June 11 after she was last seen in a gray crossover SUV. The case was a possible child abduction.

According to CBS News, officials describe the suspect as a black guy with black hair and eyes. He was seen with gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt on.

Lillie Anderson kidnapped
Authorities have not shared any information regarding the kidnapper and his vehicle yet. (Source: Twitter)

However, there have been no updates on the kidnapper provided by the local police, even after the girl was found on Monday.

In addition, the man is still unidentified, and the authorities have not revealed additional information regarding the vehicle he used to abduct the child.

Furthermore, it is uncertain if the kidnapper has also been found or is still in search.

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