Amber Love Is Blind Pregnant 2023: Baby Bump And Husband

The Amber Love Is Blind pregnancy rumor has taken social media by storm, dominating headlines and fueling curiosity among fans eager to uncover the truth.

Amber Pike is one of the contestants from the first season of the Netflix reality show Love Is Blind.

She was a former Georgia Army National Guard tank technician. She is also a licensed yoga instructor and personal trainer. Amber is renowned for being vocal and having a solid sense of self-defense.

Amber has been transparent about her battles with body image and weight reduction.

She is a fervent supporter of raising awareness of mental health issues. Amber Pike is a powerful, independent lady who doesn’t hesitate to express her opinions. She is a role model for women everywhere and inspires many people.

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Amber Love Is Blind Pregnant 2023

The famous pair from the smash reality TV program Love Is Blind, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, gained immediate fame when they fell in love in the show’s distinctive pods and were engaged right away.

Despite their difficulties, they overcame them and married in 2018, further cementing their commitment.

Amber’s pregnancy has been the subject of recent rumors, although proof remains elusive. Amber has decided to play it safe and avoid making public pronouncements on social media.

Amber Love Is Blind Pregnant
Amber is not pregnant as of now as the rumors about her pregnancy are false (Image Source: Instagram)

Additionally, no paparazzi photos show any indications of a developing baby bulge.

Amber may be seen enjoying wine with her husband, Matt Barnett, in a recent Instagram image published on August 28, 2023, with the joking comment that she’s “not pregnant.”

Amber may be pregnant but be being reserved before informing more people, or it’s conceivable that the reports are entirely untrue. The truth won’t be revealed till later.

Several things complicate the issue. Before having children, Amber expressed her wish to feel confident in her body by being open about her difficulties with weight loss and body image.

She and Matt have both stated a desire to want a family, but neither has said when they plan to start trying.

Amber is also deeply involved in growing her company, Mana Naturals, and acts as a brand ambassador for several businesses, presumably signaling a desire to grow her company before embracing parenting.

In the end, only Amber knows for sure that she is pregnant. Fans and supporters will have to wait for any upcoming announcements she decides to make to find out more about this period of her life.

Amber Pike Baby Bump And Husband 

Amber Pike, partnered with Matt Barnett in the adored Love Is Blind duo, has recently become the subject of frequent pregnancy rumors.

The rumors started when she posted a picture of herself wearing a baggy dress on Instagram, which led some followers to speculate that she could be pregnant. Amber, however, quickly denied these allegations.

In July 2023, when Amber tweeted a photo of herself with Matt at a gathering, the rumors started swirling again.

Because Amber’s hand was resting on her tummy in the picture, several people assumed she may be hiding a pregnancy.

Amber Love Is Blind Pregnant
Amber with her partner (Image Source: Instagram)

Amber was keen to point out that her weight gain and not pregnancy was the cause of her look.

She posted on Instagram again, including a photo of her and Matt sipping wine.

She made a lighthearted jest about not being pregnant in the message, which appeared to end the speculations. Nevertheless, some admirers continue to believe that Amber is pregnant.

Several causes fuel the persistent rumor. Even if pregnancy is still possible, it’s usual for people in their mid-20s to undergo weight changes.

A stomach might occasionally look bigger than it is due to optical illusions caused by camera angles and body positions used when taking images.

As for Amber and Matt, they became well-known thanks to the show Love Is Blind, where they first met, quickly became engaged, and later wed in 2018.

Entrepreneur Matt Barnett, 27, of Atlanta, Georgia, co-founded Barnett Creative and is passionate about fitness.

He likes to hike, bike, and swim. Amber and Matt have been open about their relationship on social media, posting pictures and updates about their personal lives and wishing to have a family in the future.

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