She gained fame for her roles in soap operas, such as Another World and One Life to Live. Her age was 49 years.

Sadly, according to her Facebook page, the actress passed away on Saturday. This beautiful world will always leave us with a sense of loss. Griggs had been battling cervical cancer and was open about her health struggles on her social media pages. Last month, she announced that she had been diagnosed with four new tumors.

She was Born on April 30, 1973, and she debuted as a child actor in Annie. In addition, she hosts a Nickelodeon show called Rated K. 

In April 1991, her most notable role was in One Life to Live as Stephanie Hobart, and for that, she received a Young Artist Award nomination. She also appeared on Another World as Maggie Cory.

Following her soap roles, Griggs appeared in Severe Injuries (2003), Dead Clowns (2004), The Absence of Light (2006), and Hellweek (2010).

“I think acting on the soaps taught me so much discipline,” she said in an interview with Call Me Adam in 2021. “I feel it helped me realize that I can give any role a go, as long as I took the time to understand that particular character.”

According to her Facebook page, she was diagnosed with stage 4 endocervical adenoma cancer in 2020 and had entered hospice care just days before her death. “I love to laugh — that’s my way of coping, and so I made sure to find something funny to think about,” she said in last year’s interview about battling cancer during the pandemic. “Depression is a terrible thing, and I definitely have moments of that, but I remember … I’m still here.”

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