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American Memes

The United States of America is considered to be a superpower with one of the biggest economies in the world. Even to this day, the USA is touted by mainstream media as the greatest nation in the world.

Undoubtedly, America remains one of the greatest nations even in modern times. However, this does not necessarily mean that the USA is a paradise where everything is perfect.

In fact, the reality of the USA is something else entirely. In recent times, the American government has drawn a lot of criticism due to several reasons including the country’s ever-increasing debt, hefty student loans, skyrocketing obesity, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and unaffordable healthcare expenses.

Without a doubt, all of these issues are serious and need to be addressed by the American government. However, if you are just looking to get to learn more about America while still getting a chuckle, we have collected some of the finest American memes available on the internet. Scroll below for our top picks of the best American memes!

American Memes
American Memes collection

This is most probably the most bizarre thing that Americans do. In fact, even we are left in awe at the accuracy of this meme.

America Memes
The most American meme

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is definitely the most American meme out of them all.

America memes
Collection of America memes

While countries like Denmark do not even have a legal drinking age, the minimum legal drinking age in the USA is 21. Well, it seems that the USA has a lot of catching up to do in this department.

America memes
Funny American memes collected for your entertainment

We’ll be honest with you, cheese is absolutely delicious and we love it. However, the obsession that Americans have with cheese is on a whole other level. Maybe if they stopped eating so much cheese, the obesity problem in the USA would end once and for all.

American Memes
Funny American Memes collected for your laughter

Many of the world’s most popular sports have originated in the USA. However, some of those sports are just plain weird and hardly have any fans. No wonder the Americans are the world champions of those sports.

American Memes
Funny American Memes collected for you

If you are a Mexican, you know very well how wrongly the Americans represent Mexico in their movies. To be honest, such a representation is quite racist.

American Memes
USA memes for you to share

Education is definitely important. However, the student loan debt in the USA is really mind-boggling.

American Memes
America be like.

American gun laws are often the subject of criticism. Even we feel that stricter gun laws would be much better for all of America and humanity in general.

American Memes
Hilarious American Memes collected for your laughter.

This one really is hilarious! Have you ever seen a meme so accurate?

American Memes
American Memes

Tell us this isn’t true! If it is true, the US education system definitely needs some reforms.

American Memes
None of us expected this.

Look how the tables have turned! Now, this is a plot twist none of us expected.

America memes
Hilarious American Memes to laugh at

Things in America are really different than the rest of the world. This even includes temperatures.

American Memes
Crazy Trump Memes for you to share

Although this is just a meme, we are pretty sure that North Korea was pretty glad about Donald Trump no longer being the president of the USA. We suppose they must have had a feast the day Biden got elected in Trump’s place.

American Memes
Funny American Memes ideas

Ah, America, the land of immigrants! What would happen to you if it weren’t for them?

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American Memes
American Memes ideas to share

This one really bothers us too. Why are scenes in Mexico always shot with a yellow filter?

American Memes
Send this American Meme to your American friend

Most countries in the world use the metric system of measurement. At this point, even America should adopt the change.

American Memes
Witty American Memes for you

Now, this is a true American meme! We believe even the founding fathers would appreciate the humor in this one.

American Memes
American Memes gathered for your enjoyment.

Why do the Americans still use the Imperial system of measurement when the entire world uses the Metric system? Americans truly are weird, aren’t they?

American Memes
Hilarious American Memes for you to share

Everyone in the USA has a gun. Next time you’re there, don’t be surprised even if you see teenagers carrying one. It is completely normal there.

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American Memes
True American Memes

Here are another one of our favorite America memes. We bet you’ll get a chuckle out of this one.

American Memes
Funny ideas for American Memes

To be honest, humans are much more dangerous than sharks. Just look at this terrifying statistic from New York for example.

American Memes
Oil is oil.

Oil is oil after all, isn’t it?

American Memes
I have nothing much against America.

You might want to take the seat for this one. We’re going to spend quite a long time discussing this one.

American memes
Funny American memes on the Internet

Now, this is a meme that communists will really enjoy. Are you a capitalist or a communist? Let us know!

American memes
Oil is oil.

To the Americans, all that matters is oil. Nothing else can match up to oil. EVER!

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American memes
Witty ideas for American memes to share

Americans sure do love their mac and cheese. However, we’re not sure if they would be too enthusiastic about this one!

American memes
Crazy American memes made for your amusement

What’s worse than a billionaire? An American billionaire!

Funny meme collection
American memes ideas to share

Honestly, liberty steak does sound quite cool. Petition to call hamburgers liberty steaks from now onwards!

Crazy America meme
Crazy America memes made for you

Americans really want to stand out from the rest of the world, don’t they? Truthfully speaking, soccer just sounds plain stupid. No offense!

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American memes
Oil is oil.

The USA loves oil. In fact, they will do anything to get their hands on it.

Funny meme collection
Funny meme collection

This one confuses us too. Why are medical costs in the USA so expensive?

Crazy meme collection
American memes collection

Oh, America! Why can’t you just be normal? Why?

Expectation vs. reality meme
Expectation vs. reality memes

The accuracy in this is top-notch! In fact, even the humor is top-notch.

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meme collection
American memes collection for your laughter.

Americans really need good presidents that lead them on the right path. However, that is quite far-sighted even for the USA considering how random their voting culture is.

Funny meme
America memes

America, you really have to clarify this better. Is it days, weeks, months? What is it really?

Funny meme
Funny America memes collected for you

We are pretty sure that this meme will offend most Americans. Nevertheless, we’re also sure that they’ll agree with us on the accuracy of this one.

Funny meme found on the Internet.
America memes found on the Internet.

Do you think America is the greatest country in the world? Or do you think they are just pretending? Let us know!

Expectations vs. reality meme
Expectations vs. reality memes

This is a true case of expectations versus reality. America isn’t even Spongebob, to begin with. It’s Patrick!

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