He shocked social media by posting a full-frontal, not-safe-for-work photo of himself early Thursday (Aug. 11).

59-year-old Tommy doesn’t have a shy bone in his body, uploading the photo Thursday while chillin’ in a tub.

It appeared on social media by the Motley Crue drummer on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles but has got deleted from the latter two.

Most people notice Tommy’s tats first, but the eye can wander in situations like this, right?

Pam Anderson’s ex captioned the pic, “Ooooopppsss.” So yeah, we don’t buy it.

There were many comments. Tommy’s wife, Brittany Furlan, responded, “OH MY GOD,” while comedian Ryan Sickler replied, “Does the camera add 5 lbs?”

Grindr jumped aboard and said, “Wrong app, babe.”

There was criticism; some fans asked him to remove it. Instead, it’s been 86’d from IG … it’s unclear whether he did it or the platform did. There is still a picture on Facebook.

Tommy followed up with a picture of an elephant staring at a male model, with the caption, “How do you breathe through that little thing??”

He gained a new generation of followers after the “Pam & Tommy” series got released last year … including the legendary sex tape of his relationship with Pam Anderson.