David Rattray recalled the evening he spent with Lisa Smith five years ago but refused her rape allegation.

An investigation is underway by the New York City Police Department into allegations of rape against actor David Rattray, famous for his role as the big brother in the “Home Alone” movie.

The actor who played Macaulay Culkin’s bully of an older brother Buzz McCallister had a long career before appearing in “Home Alone” and its sequel in 1992. Numerous films and television shows have featured him, including an episode of “Better Call Saul” last month.

He denied the allegation during a phone interview with some media and faces charges of domestic violence related to an incident in Oklahoma last December. This incident involved the woman he was dating. It is a case in which he has pleaded not guilty, and a hearing will take place soon.

The news of Ratray’s arrest in Oklahoma led Lisa Smith to contact prosecutors regarding a complaint she filed in 2017. In that complaint, she accused the actor of raping her in New York City. She wanted to know why she hadn’t pursued her case with the Prosecutors. She incorrectly believed she wanted to remain anonymous and didn’t want to press charges. As a result, the case was closed; that information appears to have been made available to her.

Her allegation had never been considered when she came forward, which left her “devastated.”. Although she cooperated with the investigation, emails she sent suggested the case had been closed.

The investigators traveled out of state to interview her at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. They also provided a garment she wore on the night of the alleged assault for possible DNA testing.

New York police declined to address questions from some media handling the case. The district attorney’s office confirmed they “are in touch” with Smith about the issue but declined to discuss it. However, emails reviewed by some media reveal that a prosecutor has recently contacted Smith for information, looked for phone and text records, and contacted possible witnesses.

He has not been considered a suspect with a link to Smith’s allegations.

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