Andre Pellam Pittsford NY Murder Suicide: Man And Wife Jasmine Adams Death

Andre Pellam Pittsford NY murder-suicide case has shocked the family and community members, and they are mourning the death of Andre and his wife, Jasmine.

The death of Andre Pellam and his wife, Jasmine Adams, has shaken the Pittsburg neighborhood.

It appears as a case of domestic violence, which led to the murder of one, followed by another’s suicide.

The tragic incident happened Tuesday night in a peaceful rural Monroe County, New York community.

When their calls were unanswered, a concerned family member dialed 911.

Moreover, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Michael Fowler provided the initial details, and other details of this horrific incident are still being investigated.

Authorities responded to a distress call on Tuesday night, first reporting a shooting.

They discovered a man and a woman’s lifeless bodies inside a house on Tobey Road.

The sheriff’s office spokesperson, Deputy Brendan Hurley, acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and sent the condolences to their families.

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Andre Pellam Pittsford NY Murder-Suicide: What Happened There?

Following this unfortunate tragedy, neighbors are still trying to accept the likelihood that their peaceful village could be the scene of such a shocking incident.

A neighbor shared a terrifying story about the chaotic moments that followed the incident.

One thing that was screamed was, ‘You murdered my sister,’ they said, emphasizing the intense emotional suffering felt by people nearby.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the deceased Adam Pellam and Jasmine Adams were involved in an intimate relationship and were reportedly engaged in a personal dispute.

Andre Pellam Pittsford NY Murder Suicide
Andre Pellam and Jasmine Adams were discovered dead at home. 

Chief Deputy Fowler mentioned during a press conference that there appeared to be persistent issues in Adams and Pellam’s relationship.

Further, he discussed the prevalence of domestic violence cases in Monroe County, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

Notably, children were in the house when the tragic event occurred. Thankfully, they escaped unharmed and are currently in the custody of other family members.

Sadly, one of the family members was hurt when they fell in the yard at the spot.

Authorities continue to investigate this upsetting incident to piece together the circumstances surrounding the murders of Andre M. Pellam and Jasmine I. Adams.

As the community mourns this tragedy, local law enforcement continues to investigate the chain of events and shed light on what happened inside the Tobey Road residence.

Jasmine Adams and Andre Pellam Case Update

The Pittsford murder-suicide case involving Jasmine Adams and Andre Pellam has sparked serious worries about domestic violence in the neighborhood.

Authorities have disclosed very little information regarding the incident, including the way of death and the particular circumstances that led to the tragedy, and the inquiry has been concealed in secrecy.

The fact that at least one child was present in the house at the time of the incident raises serious concerns.

Andre Pellam Pittsford NY Murder Suicide
The investigation of the case is still ongoing. (Source: 13 Wham)

Therefore, community organizations like Willow Domestic Violence have voiced their sincere concern and dedication to preventing such tragedies.

The CEO of Willow Domestic Violence, Meaghan De Chateauvieux, outlined the organization’s continued initiatives to stop these tragic incidents and assist families impacted by domestic abuse.

According to De Chateauvieux, in situations such as these, the community unites around the impacted child to find a suitable home with family members.

In this particular instance, several family members have offered assistance during this trying time. 

Toi Walker-Smith, the chairperson of the Domestic Violence Consortium with Rochester and Monroe County, emphasized the significance of working together to support families affected by domestic abuse.

This covers children’s, court, housing, and advocate services.

While the authorities do not provide further details of the case, the families need to take the help of organizations like Willow Organization to protect their families and children from such violence.

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