Andrew Gold Journalist Wikipedia: Age, Wife To Be Julieta And Family

Andrew Gold Journalist Wikipedia: Andrew is now a successful podcaster with over 50,000 weekly listens “On the Verge of…”

Andrew is a documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist who is attracted by extreme ideas and secret realms.

He has exposed an abusive exorcist, lived with a pro-life activist known as the Crazy Baby Lady, and sought UFOs from the fifth dimension alongside believers.

He is fluent in five languages and has a degree in English Literature and an NCTJ journalist credential.

In 2021, his work investigating pedophiles in Germany won the coveted Whicker Award, and his exorcism video garnered worldwide festival accolades.

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Andrew Gold Journalist Wikipedia and age

Andrew Gold is a seasoned journalist known for outstanding contributions to the media scene. The Wikipedia of the journalist is unavailable.

Gold’s expertise and love for writing have made an unmistakable impact on an accomplished career spanning several notable magazines and platforms.

Andrew is a journalist and TV host who speaks five languages and has lived in six countries, producing documentaries about strange and controversial subcultures.

Andrew Gold Journalist Wikipedia
Andrew Gold Journalist Wikipedia is not available. (Source- Arlington

The journalist dealt with an abusive exorcist, the Crazy Baby Lady, and UFOs.

In addition, he’s working on a book and a TV documentary about pedophilia, and for pod episode six, he spoke with a teen school head male pedophile.

He was frequently asked to do absurd things on TV anytime they required an English person.

In addition, had earned the reputation of being the Last English Virgin in Argentina. A beer pong competition was held on this channel with participants from each World Cup football group.

Since the lockdown, much TV production has been halted, and the sector has declined for several years. Andrew has recently launched his own YouTube channel.

Is Andrew Gold married or single

The journalist, Andrew Gold, is happily engaged to his girlfriend, Julieta.

Andrew has talked a lot on the podcast about his girlfriend, whom he met seven years ago. The fiance of the podcaster is a lawyer. 

Julieta is critical to the administration of justice and the preservation of individual rights and interests.

Andrew Gold girlfriend
Andrew Gold and his fiance Julieta. (Source- Andrew gold podcast

Julieta is entrusted with representing and advocating for their clients in numerous legal problems due to their extensive awareness of the law and legal processes.

Her responsibilities include offering legal advice, conducting research, writing legal papers, and representing clients in court or during negotiations.

In addition, Julieta specializes in various fields of law, including criminal law and others, allowing them to tailor their expertise to their customers’ needs.

Meet Andrew Gold parents and siblings

The challenges and complexities of a divorced family marked Andrew and his brother Michael’s childhood.

His parents het divorced when he was 9. Andrew’s father relocated to Edgware and then to Barnet.

These are pretty multicultural regions, and he was fortunate to attend school among people from every possible background.

It educated Andrew at a young age to view people for the fascinating persons they are rather than their ideologies.

While Andrew experienced unique challenges, he also gained a profound grasp of empathy and the value of effective communication in dispute resolution.

Despite the obstacles, he found solace in his parent’s love and support, who remained actively involved.

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