Angela Williams NYCHA Arrested And Mugshot: Bribe Accusations

NYCHA former employee Angela Williams was arrested with 70 other current employees, leading to huge controversy. What are the accusations they’re facing?

Angela Williams, a former employee of the NYCHA, was among 70 individuals charged in a sweeping bribery and extortion scandal that has rocked the organization.

The charges stem from a decade-long, $2 million “classic pay-for-play” corruption scheme.

Williams, along with three other employees, was additionally charged with counts of conspiracy.

The case represents the most significant number of federal bribery charges brought in a single day in Department of Justice history.

The defendants, all of whom were working for NYCHA at the time, sought between 10% and 20% of the contracts’ values or kickbacks of between $500 and $2,000.

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Angela Williams NYCHA Arrested And Mugshot

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