Angelina Jolie attended the Marvel event in Los Angeles with five of her six children, where she and other co-stars were apparently exposed to COVID.

According to Variety, Angelina Jolie, 46, was one of numerous persons who were apparently exposed to COVID-19 at the Los Angeles premiere of Marvel’s Eternals on Oct. 18. The actress attended the star-studded event with five of her six children, but she and co-stars Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Lauren Ridloff, as well as director Chloe Zhao, are now in “super isolation.” All five women were forced to skip Elle’s “Women in Hollywood” event on Tuesday, where editor-in-chief Nina Garcia reportedly told the crowd that the group had been “recently exposed,” and that “those superheroes are now in super isolation.”

Variety received confirmation from Disney about the probable risks. While attendees at the premiere tested negative for COVID-19, a spokesperson said that the entire Eternals cast — which includes Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, and others — will be “pivoting to virtual appearances rather than in-person events” to promote the new action film, which hits theaters on November 5.

It’s still unknown how the cast members came into contact with COVID-19. It’s also uncertain if any of the guests at the event, including Angelina’s children, are being held in isolation. Maddox, 20, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, Vivienne, 13, and Knox, 13, were among the children that the Maleficent actress had brought. Only Pax, 17, was absent from the outing with his famous mother, who is the mother of all six of Brad Pitt’s children.

Angelina Jolie wore a gorgeous strapless brown draped Balmain Resort 2022 gown to the Eternals premiere. She also wore a gold chin cuff that wrapped around the bottom of her chin from the inside of her bottom lip to the inside of her bottom lip. She posed for photos with the five kids as well as her fellow castmates on the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie plays Thena, a powerful warrior Eternal who can create any weapon out of cosmic energy in the Marvel film. While the film has yet to be released, sources claim that Harry Styles will play Eros, though this has yet to be verified by Marvel/Disney executives.

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