Angelo Adkins biography- the son of Adele

Who is Angelo Adkins?

Angelo Adkins is the son of the famous British pop singer Adele. Her mother made a mark on International music with hits like “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep.”

Adele is a household name in today’s music industry.

Angelo is said to look like his mother when she was a child by Adele’s near ones. It’s true; if you look at Adele’s childhood pictures, you’ll see they look alike.

Everyone has been curious about Adele’s love life and her son. Angelo Adkins has become the most adorable and distinguished celebrity in today’s time, born with beautiful blonde hair.

I’m sure there are more exciting things you’d like to know about Angelo Adkins, so continue reading.

Angelo Adkins Biography

Quick facts

Full nameAngelo James Adkins
BirthdayOct 19, 2012
Age11 years old
Sun signLibra
TraitsPositive– Incredibly charming, entertaining, and quick-witted
Negative– Extremely hard to pin down, unreliable and irresponsible
BirthplaceLondon, England
Currently residingBeverly Hills, California, USA
ParentsSimon Konecki,
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
GrandparentsPenny Adkins,
Mark Evans,
Marital statusSingle
ChildrenNot applicable
Net worthNot applicable
Social mediaNone
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde

Early life

In October 2012, Adele Adkins and Simon Konecki gave birth to Angelo Adkins in London, England. Bringing the first child together was exciting for both of them.

Angelo Adkins and Adele

Angelo is of Italian origin. It is a male version of an angel or messenger.

The son of Adele is a Libra. Libran men are charming, diplomatic, and witty; however, they are infamous for indecisiveness. 

In an interview with Vogue, Adele shared that Angelo Adkins is very curious. He asks questions that she has no answer to, “Like, Why can’t we still live together? That’s just not what people do when they get divorced. But why not? I’m like, I don’t f**king know. That’s not what society does. And: Why don’t you love my dad anymore? And I’d be like, I do love your dad. I’m just not in love. I can’t make that make sense to a nine-year-old.”

In 2021, during the ‘Adele One Night Only’ live performance, Adele was emotional as it was the first time her son saw her perform. She said, “It’s the absolute honor of my life, baby.’ 

Adele says her son is slowly learning that her mother is famous. She has written the song “Remedy” for her son Angelo Adkins.


Adele and Simon Konecki started dating in 2011, and a year later, in 2012, they gave birth to Angelo.

After the event, the pair appeared in a photograph wearing matching wedding rings on their ring fingers, raising speculation about their secret marriage.

At the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, she won Album of the Year, and in her speech, she referred to Simon as ‘my husband,’ confirming the speculations were true.

Moreover, she confirmed her marriage to Simon at a concert in Brisbane, Australia saying, ‘I’m married now.

However, after seven years of being in relationship and two years of marriage, Adele filed a divorce from Simon on September 13, 2019. 

There are costs associated with success. Adele’s increasing popularity forced her to sacrifice time with her family. Due to her busy schedule, Adele could not devote time to Angelo and Simon. 

Having no partner made the relationship seem hollow.

Adele could do little to save the relationship that once held so much meaning to her. She eventually accepted the harsh reality of being a celebrity, however. 

As a result, they both mutually decided it was best for them to simply part ways.

The court finalized a separation agreement on March 4, 2021. The court ruled that the former couple would have joint custody of their son Angelo. 

Additionally, none of them are paying spousal support to another.

Adele Adkins

Adele and ex-husband Simon Konecki strolling with son Angelo

We may not need you to tell you who Adele is, or do we? Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a Grammy-winning brit female singer and songwriter.

She is best known for her songs: Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, Set Fire to the Rain, Hometown Glory, Hello, Send My Love, and distinctly more.

His mother, Adele, was born to an English mother, Penny Adkins, and a Welsh father, Marc Evans, on May 5, 1988, in London, England. Ms. Adkins is an alumna of the Brit School in London, Croydon, England, where she received her academic degree in performing arts, media, design, and technologies.

Adele was married to Simon Konecki, but they divorced. After the divorce, her name seems to be associated with Joseph Junior Adenuga, professionally identified as Skepta.

Adele and Skepta are reportedly seeing one another more than regular friends do. 

Even Skepta confessed Adele texts him too often to acknowledge how and what he is doing.

However, she announced the news as a rumor, and it seemed like she was a happy single mother.

Simon Konecki

Adele with ex-husband Simon Konecki

The father of Angelo Adkins, Simon Konecki, was born on April 17, 1974, in New York; however, his family relocated to the UK when he was 10.

Simon is the CEO of Drop4Drop.

Simon joined Eton College in Windsor, England, and dropped out after two years

Social media

A nine-year-old kid will not have a social media account, but mother Adele does have her own social media account where she shares her moments of good times.

Adele is one of the most followed celebrities in the music industry. Her Instagram account has 39.3 million followers, her Facebook page has 67 million followers, her Twitter account has 26.4 million followers, and her official Youtube channel has 23.5 million subscribers.


Why Does Angelo have Adele’s last name?

While we do not have an exact statement on Angelo’s last name, Angelo is living with his mother. It seems that Adele has taken full responsibility for the kid. Perhaps it can be why he has the mother’s last name.

How old was Adele when she made Angelo?

The mother of Angelo was only 24 years old when she gave birth to him. He was born in 2012.

How old is Angelo Adkins?

In October 2024, he will be 11 years old

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