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Angie Janu- Jason Beghe’s ex-wife, bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Angie Janu?

Angie Janu is a beautiful actress from America. Like many other actors, Angie has struggled to get her breakthrough on the big screen.

You might remember her as the actress from the movie ‘Too Good To Be True.’ The film didn’t do very well, and her career pretty much stopped there.

Hollywood, apart from its glitz and glamour and lavish lifestyles, also has its dark side. Failed careers, broken relationships, celebrities suffering from depression are things ubiquitous in Hollywood. Despite their quality acting skills, many actors have not made it to the big screens.

These actors’ careers are often labeled as failed. Today we will talk about one such actress who didn’t quite make it big, Angie Janu.

Angie Janu has stayed away from the public eye for a very long time. She has made some appearances in events, but that is it. There is hardly any news, gossip, or controversies about Angie Janu. It can only mean that she stays occupied with her personal life or enjoys keeping her moments to herself.

However, her divorce did stir up some hot topics in 2017. Angie came into the limelight due to her relationship with the actor Jason Beghe. The couple tied the knot, and everyone wanted to know about the beautiful woman Jason married.

Their marriage seemed perfect until 2017 when they decided to go their separate ways. Angie has established herself as a talented actress in Hollywood. Although her career may not have turned out as she wanted it to, she has inspired many young women not to give up.

Today, we will share everything you need to know about the beautiful Angie Janu.

Angie Janu quick facts

Full name Angie Janu (Angeline Dawn Beghe)
Birthday 1960
Birthplace United States of America
Zodiac Unknown
Nationality American
Profession Actress/ Model
Hair Blonde
Height 5’4
Best known for Too Good To Be True
Spouse Jason Beghe (2000-2017)
Marital status Divorced
Kids Bix Beghe and Bear Beghe
Net worth $1.5 Million (estimated)
Social media Not Active

Angie childhood

According to some sources, Angie Janu was born in the United States of America in the mid-1960s. Her birth name is Angeline Dawn Beghe, and she later decided to change it to Angie Janu.

Angie Janu with Jason Beghe

Angie is of American nationality. She grew up in a supportive family that loved and supported her in everything. Her father was a hard worker and earned for the family. Like most housewives in the 60s, her mother took care of the household activities. Angie’s father was a strict man and encouraged her to focus on her studies.

Angie was a bright girl who was very good at her studies and never seemed to disappoint her parents.

Angie personality

Angie Janu is a stunning woman. Because of her perfect body features, she became a successful model early in her career. Angie is 5’4 tall and has beautiful blonde hair and hazel-blue eyes.

Angie is in her 60s and still has a great body. She keeps herself in shape with a workout and a good diet. Having two teenage sons, Angie still looks very young and fabulous.

Despite being a public figure, Angie always keeps from getting involved in any gossip. She is an independent woman admirable because of her never-giving-up personality.

Angeline Dawn Beghe relationship

Angie Janu came into the spotlight because of her marriage with Jason Beghe. He is a former Scientologist and an actor. But the recent divorce between the couple has given more limelight to the pair.

Previous relationships of Angie Janu are unknown. We can assume her first long-term relationship was with Jason Beghe. The couple dated for a while before they decided to tie the knot in 2000.

Angie and Jason lived happily in California for sixteen years. The pair seemed happy and perfect. They even made several public appearances.

But their relationship fell apart in 2017 when they started to have disagreements. It led them to file for a divorce. Their 16 years of marriage ended in a sad and ugly separation.

The reason behind the split-up is unknown. But looking at Angie and Jason’s settlements, it seems like the reason was severe.

During their marriage, Angie and Jason had two children together. They had their first son Bix Beghe in 2003. After three years, the couple welcomed their second child Bear Beghe in 2006.

Angie’s ex-husband Jason Beghe

Many people know about Angie’s ex-husband Jason Beghe. He is a former Scientologist and an actor.

Jason started his on-screen career with the movie ‘Monkey Shines‘ in 1998. The critics praised his performance in the film. From there, his career took off. Jason appeared in many movies such as ‘Thelma & Louise’ and ‘GI. Jane.’

Jason also had a successful career in TV. He appeared in various TV series such as ‘To Have and To Hold,’ ‘Picket Fences,’ ‘Melrose Place,’ and ‘Chicago Hope.’

Angie Janu's ex-husband Jason Beghe

Angie Janu’s ex-husband Jason Beghe

In 1994, Jason was into Scientology. Jason supported the church at the time. He also appeared in many Scientology promotional videos.

According to him, he gave the church of Scientology $1 million during his 12 years there. Around the same time, he was taking acting classes.

Later in 2008, he began to criticize Scientology in public. He did everything he could to attack Scientology. Many saw him in several protest rallies outside the Scientology church.

Angie and Jason Beghe divorce settlement

According to sources, the couple shares joint custody of their children. Reportedly, the children can have one phone call per day based on the terms of the divorce.

Angie Janu and Jason Beghe split their property in Chicago and Malibu.

Angie struggles

Angie did not get a headstart in her career. She worked hard and struggled a lot in the early stages. Like many Hollywood actors, Angie started her career as a model.

She was doing good and making a name for herself in the modeling world until she decided to put her feet into acting. She started taking acting classes and decided to pursue a career in acting. Janu was charming and had an excellent gift for performing from a young age.

Coming from a modeling background, she was beautiful and confident. Angie had everything one would expect from a Hollywood star. Acting classes provided her a sense of confidence as a performer.

Angie Janu and Jason Beghe at 'G.I. JANE' Film Premiere, Los Angeles, -1997

People had highly anticipated her acting debut, for which she prepared a lot. But it sure did take some time.

After her fair share of struggles, Angie got the opportunity to enter Hollywood. Angie started her on-screen job from commercials and ads, up until 1997. Angie worked in small commercials and made few appearances here and there.

In 1997, Angie bagged her first significant role as an actress in the movie ‘Too Good To Be True.’ After a lot of hard work, it seemed like Angie was about to get her much anticipated breakthrough. Christian Nyby II directed the movie.

The movie was not that big of a success, but it did earn some recognition.

But, the mild success of the movie didn’t provide any momentum for Angie’s career. Some criticized her work, whereas some praised her. But it did get her some recognition as an actress.

This vague performance of the movie abruptly stopped Angie’s acting career. Many started labeling her career as a failed one. She slowly started drifting away from the movie business and has not done any projects since.

Angie Janu net worth

Angie’s acting career was not a successful one. But, she did some major projects during her modeling career. Angie Janu was a well-known model in her time, and she earned a good income from that job.

Angie Janu’s net worth is somewhere around $1.5 million. Her net worth comes from her hard work in the industry. And, also some amount came from her divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Jason Beghe.

Jason’s estimated net worth is around $3 million. Some of his net worth did go to Angie Janu. After their divorce, the pair are living their separate lives.

Angie Janu social media

Angie stays away from social media and is not on platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

That is everything you need to know about the beautiful actress Angie Janu.

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