Who Is Angus Brayshaw Wife Danielle Frawley? Married Life And Kids

Angus Brayshaw wife, Danielle Frawley, has always been a fascinating character and a continual source of motivation for Australian Rules footballer.

Angus is a skilled Australian Rules Player who has captivated fans with his on-field abilities.

Brayshaw was born in Adelaide, South Australia, on January 9, 1996. Because of his extraordinary abilities, he has risen to prominence in the Australian Football League(AFL).

The Melbourne Football Club identified Angus Brayshaw’s potential in 2014 and selected him as the third overall choice in the AFL Draft.

Angus Brayshaw Wife
Angus Brayshaw representing Melbourne F. (Source: 

The young player has achieved acclaim for his exceptional performance, agility, and smart gameplay and has been attracting the affection of fans and fellow sportsmen together.

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meet Angus Brayshaw Wife Danielle Frawley

Angus Brayshaw’s wife, Danielle Frawley, is a beautiful lady who has greatly supported his work.

Danielle Frawley has managed to keep a low profile and with little information about her past and profession available.

Frawley was born and reared in Australia still information about her birthdate and childhood is unknown.

She is the daughter of AFL legend and St Kilda Football Club Hall of Fame player Danny Frawley.

While her personal life is kept confidential, Danielle has been an integral part of Angus Brayshaw’s life.

As the wife of a professional player, she has been a constant source of support and stability throughout his football care.

Angus Brayshaw wife
Angus Brayshaw with his wife. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the absence of public information regarding Danielle’s professional activities, it is clear that she performs an important role behind the scenes in creating a happy and balanced existence for both herself and Angus.

Danielle Frawley has succeeded in sustaining the privacy of her personal life and protecting herself from the potential questioning and interference that comes with fame.

The star footballer’s wife’s concentration on silence reflects her desire to prioritize her family’s well-being and retain a sense of the ordinary in the face of attention from the public.

Angus and Danielle Married Life and Kids

Angus Brayshaw and his wife, Danielle Frawley have created a unique love story that has now blossomed into an engagement. 

The couple has been together since childhood, so the news was no surprise.

Angus’s engagement was announced with an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from his fans and friends.

Their connection was highlighted during the Demons’ record-breaking AFL championship in 2021, with Brayshaw calling her from Perth.

Angus Brayshaw Wife
Danielle said yes to Angus. (source: Instagram)

Danielle’s mother also said both of them connected it right away.

We have been family friends with Debra and Mark (Angus’s Parents) for many years.

They were at their house in Sandringham many years ago.

While no wedding date has been set, the couple’s engagement has already symbolized love and acceptance.

Despite the absence of more information, their relationship has grown stronger.

Since they have been engaged recently, they have no chances of having kids. 

Updates will be provided if any new details regarding Angus Brayshaw’s marriage and children emerge.

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