Anjali Murder Case Indore Update 2023: Where Is Killer Suspect Husband Vikram Satogia Now?

Anjali Murder Case Indore Update 2023:In a tragic incident in Indore, Anjali Satoliya, a 22-year-old woman, was brutally murdered just weeks after her marriage.

The accused, identified as Vikram Satoliya, allegedly stabbed Anjali multiple times, resulting in her untimely death.

The case has taken a grim turn as charges of dowry harassment and domestic violence have been filed against eight members of Vikram’s family.

Anjali’s father revealed that she had reached out to him, expressing her distress over dowry demands by her in-laws.

The Mhow police apprehended the accused while the other family members were on the run.

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Anjali Murder Case Indore Update 2023

A mere two weeks after their wedding, a man allegedly attacked his wife, slitting her throat and stabbing himself in the hand in Dhar Naka of Mhow on Wednesday.

Anjali Murder Case Indore
Anjali Satoliya was murdered in Indore just after 18 days of marriage. (Image Source: oneindia)

According to Hitika Wasal, the Superintendent of Police in the rural area, the victim, 22-year-old Anjali Satoliya, a resident of Depalpur, was discovered murdered at her residence on Wednesday morning.

She had sustained over 15 stab wounds, primarily concentrated on her throat.

“The family of the deceased woman stated that the couple engaged in an argument over a dispute.

The argument escalated to the point where Vikram, Anjali’s husband, retrieved a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her, subsequently injuring himself in the hand.

Both were transported to the hospital by family members, where Anjali was pronounced dead, and Vikram was admitted for medical treatment,” SP Wasal elaborated.

Wasal added that while the motive for the crime has yet to be determined, preliminary indications suggest that the accused, who works at a factory in Pithampur, did not wish to marry the woman.

He was compelled into the marriage, resulting in frequent conflicts between the couple.

Police authorities revealed that the couple had tied the knot on May 21, a mere 17 days prior, and had been residing at the husband’s family home for the past week.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Shashikant Kankane confirmed that the accused had been apprehended and received medical treatment.

Following the incident, the in-laws of the deceased woman fled and are currently evading authorities.

Anjali Murder Case Indore: Where Is Her Husband Vikram Satogia Now?

On Thursday, the Mhow police took into custody a man accused of murdering his wife and filed charges of dowry harassment and domestic violence against eight members of his family.

Anjali Murder Case Indore
Anjali Murder was murdered. (Image Source: channelnewsasia)

The incident occurred in Dhar Naka of Mhow, where Vikram Satoliya allegedly stabbed his wife, Anjali, to death and subsequently inflicted injuries upon himself barely two weeks after their marriage.

Anjali suffered more than 15 stab wounds on her torso and throat.

During the investigation, the woman’s parents and family members were interrogated, revealing a history of dowry harassment since the day of the marriage.

The accused family, burdened by debt, allegedly coerced Anjali into obtaining money from her family. Vikram stated that he had lost his job on Monday and was under immense stress, which he had not disclosed to anyone.

This stress led to an argument between him and his wife, escalating to the point where he resorted to stabbing her. The accused also claimed that he was forced into the marriage against his wishes by his family members.

The police also recorded statements from the deceased woman’s father, who mentioned receiving a call from his daughter the night before the murder, where she expressed a desire to return home due to the dowry demands made by her in-laws.

“A case of dowry harassment has been registered against eight family members, including Vikram, his parents, and others who are currently evading authorities,” stated SP Hitika Wasal.

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