Anna Lee Fisher Eye Injury: What Happened To Her Eye?

Anna Lee Fisher eye injury: Ann Lee is a former NASA astronaut who became the first mother to fly in space, besides being an accomplished American chemist and emergency physician.

Anna Lee Fisher has made incredible progress in the fields of science, medicine, and space travel, and her story is very inspiring.

She started her academic career in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Her interest in science and exploration influenced her career at this young age.

Fisher delved deeply into the complexity of molecular structures while a graduate student performing X-ray crystallographic studies of metallocarboranes.

NASA picked Anna Lee Fisher as an astronaut candidate in January 1978, and she became a member of NASA Astronaut Group 8.

During her early astronaut career, she was also assigned to search and rescue helicopters for the first four Space Shuttle missions.

However, Fisher’s most significant accomplishment occurred in November 1984 when she flew into space.

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Anna Lee Fisher Eye Injury: Truth Explained

Like all astronauts, Anna Lee Fisher had to undergo a series of medical tests before starting her voyage into space to ensure she was physically prepared for the rigors of space travel.

An eye exam was one of these standard procedures, which was crucial in ensuring that her vision met the exact requirements of NASA.

Fisher found herself in a standard ophthalmologist’s office one day, shortly before an interview with the selection committee, without realizing that this visit would become part of her space-traveling history.

Anna Lee Fisher Eye Injury
Anna Lee Fisher underwent a routine eye checkup before going to space. (Source: Stuff)

Naturally, the goal of the eye dilation surgery was to make it easier to examine her eyes thoroughly and make sure that she was in excellent health before stepping into her journey.

However, the immediate aftermath of the eye dilation procedure made for an unforgettable story.

As Fisher stepped from the doctor’s office into the glaring sunlight, she noticed that her vision had changed entirely.

Her eyes were dilated, and everything around her was a blurry haze. Reading signs or directions became impossible all of a sudden.

Being lost and disoriented immediately before one of the most significant interviews of her life was not ideal for a person as punctual and dedicated as Fisher.

She had just two options: panic or come up with a creative solution.

However, she approached a passing person and asked them for help in a polite manner, demonstrating her innovative thinking.

Anna Lee Fisher Eye Surgery: What Happened To Her Eye?

As mentioned earlier, Anna underwent eye dilation surgery, which was necessary to ensure she had clear vision to go into the space.

The eye dilation treatment is a simple and routine medical procedure used to allow for a thorough inspection of the interior of the eye.

This method includes applying specialized eye drops with specific chemicals intended to expand pupils temporarily.

Anna Lee Fisher Eye Injury
Anna Lee Fisher got her eyes dilated for the checkup. (Source: Fusion Magazine)

The after-effects of this dilation process are a bit uncomfortable because it mostly makes vision blurry for about 4-5 hours.

A similar thing happened with Anna as she immediately stepped into the bright sunlight after her dilation process.

However, she used her intelligence to handle the situation by politely asking the person passing by to read the location details to her.

Eye dilation is a normal process; the blurry vision will go away in a few hours, and the eye will be in a normal state again.

The main thing to note is that one should not immediately step into the bright light, drive or work for at least 4-5 hours.

Furthermore, her eyes are healthy as nothing happened to them.

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