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Annie Bakes early life, career, relationships, and net worth

Who is Annie Bakes?

Annie Bakes is a former adult American model. She is best known as the ex-wife of NBA player, actor, wrestler, and TV host Dennis Rodman.

Approached by a modeling agent at 16 years old, she has modeled for numerous agencies and companies to date. She has also worked as a hostess at clubs.

Dennis Rodman was one of the highly anticipated players in the NBA industry, but things never went according to plan. He’s also an actor and a wrestler.

Annie Bakes has, at one point, been one of his love interests.

Known for her stunning looks in the modeling world, Annie once became one of the industry’s most sought-after adult stars. She’s confident and has a stunning body.

Bakes is also an author of the book “Worse Than He Says He is: White Girls Don’t Bounce,” published under Anicka Rodman.

She is now happily married to a police officer and is a young woman’s mother. But, even though she is a celebrity, the American diva is known to be a down-to-earth personality.

Let’s dive deep into Annie Bakes’s life that is full of surprises and positive news.

Annie Bakes quick facts

Full nameAnicka Bakes
Date of birthApril 26, 1965
Age56 years old
NicknameAnnie Bakes
Marital statusMarried
BirthplacePennsylvania, USA
Sun SignPisces
TraitsPositive: intuitive and selfless

Negative: emotional, impressionable, and closed off
ProfessionHost, Model
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spouseDennis Rodman (m.1992-1993)
Eye colorDark-Brown
Hair colorBlonde
Net worth $1.2 million to $1.4 million

Annie Bakes interesting facts

1. Annie Bakes ran away from her home to become a model

Annie struggled a lot during her childhood. She was bullied in school and was tormented by her mother while she was home. 

She wanted to become a model, so she ran away from home to begin a career as a model.

2. Annie Bakes started modeling at the age of 16

Annie was approached by a modeling agency when she was only 16 years old. She got immense exposure and was asked to feature for lingerie and swimwear commercials. 

3. Annie Bakes was also a hostess in nightclubs

Annie also worked at nightclubs in Los Angeles to earn more money. 

4. Her modeling career was short-lived

Annie Bakes’s modeling career could not prolong as she got into a dangerous accident in 1986. It left her body full of scars and, thus, became unfit for modeling.

5. Annie Bakes was in a live-in relationship with Dennis Rodman

They first met in a club in 1987 and started dating. 

She had already started living with Dennis before she tied the knot with him. She gave birth to a daughter in 1991 and married Dennis in 1992. 

6. Annie’s marriage with Dennis didn’t last long

Annie divorced Dennis in 1993 after she caught him cheating on her. Dennis also gave her STDs, due to which they had a nasty fight.

7. She wrote a book regarding the relationship with her husband, Dennis

Annie also has a book called “Worse Than He Thinks He Is: My Walk On the Wild Side,” published in 1997. The book was later renamed “White Girls Don’t Bounce.” She advises young women to stay away from abusive relationships in her book.

Annie Bakes early life and childhood

Anicka Bakes was born in Pennsylvania on February 26, 1965. Unfortunately, her parent’s identity is not known to the media.

Annie was brought up by her single mother, who suffered from obesity. Her mother cleaned her classmates’ houses for income, due to which Annie was bullied in her school. 

One of Annie’s exciting facts is that she hit puberty way earlier than anyone had expected of her. All these issues caused some teasing and mocking throughout her childhood.

Annie and her mother didn’t have a good relationship as her classmates bullied her due to her mother’s job in her school. Her mother also tormented her a lot.

So, she ran away from home to start a career as a model.

Annie Bakes education

There is no information on where Annie Bakes did her high schooling from.

However, some sources say that Annie graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Annie Bakes personality traits

She is an American citizen of a mixed race. Her zodiac sign lies under Pisces, indicating that Bakes is more intuitive and selfless.

Dennis Rodman

As of today, Annie is 56 years old. She stands at a respectable height with a smile, which appears to overhaul the camera most of the time.

Her height is unknown, but it seems she is of average height when looking at her images with Dennis.

Her weight is appropriate to go along with the height. If something pops up on the vital body statistics, we will update the readers.

Annie has a slim body. Looking at her career, we feel it’s her way of doing the workout. Keeping a fit body with a strict diet makes her talk of the town even when she is 56 years old. Blonde hair and dark brown eyes play a leading role in rounding up the sexy looks.

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman’s Relationship

Annie was married to none other than the multitalented Dennis Rodman.

They both met in a club in 1987, and things started to get cheerful for them. They had a child together, and later got married in 1992.

Annie and Dennis have a child named Alexis Rodman. Unfortunately, in time, they separated from each other.

Dennis Rodman with daughter Alexis Rodman

Annie Bakes’s ex-husband, Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman, a.k.a Dennis Keith Rodman, byname The Worm was born on May 13, 1961, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A. He is an American professional basketball player who was one of the most talented rebounders, greatest defenders, and most outlandish characters in professional game history.

He was a key player in two National Basketball Association (NBA) championship teams with the Detroit Pistons (1989–90) and three Chicago Bulls (1996–98). He also entered the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011.

Rodman, who was 5 feet 11 inches (1.75 meters) tall when he graduated from Dallas High School, tried and struggled to find a spot in the basketball team four times, grew up another 7 inches (18 cm) tall. He was then able to secure his place in the Cooke County Junior College team in Dallas in 1981.

It was followed by a scholarship to play at Southeast Oklahoma State University. Proving to be a prodigious college rebounder, he was drafted by the Pistons in 1986 and was a pivotal factor in Detroit’s “Bad Boys” championship team’s success.

Rodman tried to act in motion pictures and professional wrestling, but he was not that successful in each of these areas. Over time, Rodman, the author or co-author of three autobiographical works — Bad as I Wanna Be (1996), Walk on the Wild Side (1997), and I Should Be Dead by Now (2005)—found himself gradually less in the limelight he seemed to be seeking.

In September 1992, Rodman married his baby mama, Annie Bakes. They started dating in 1987, and their daughter, Alexis Caitlyn, was born in 1988. However, their relationship got strained by infidelity and violence charges. They divorced after 82 days.

On 14 November 1998, at the Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rodman married Carmen Electra. Nine days later, Rodman filed an annulment alleging that he was “unhealthy” when they met.

They reconciled, but Electra filed for divorce in April 1999. She later claimed that it was an “occupational hazard” to be “Rodman’s spouse.”

Annie Bakes Michelle Moyer

Rodman married Michelle Moyer in 1999, with whom he had a son, Dennis Jr. (“D. J.,” born 25 April 2001), and a daughter, Trinity. Moyer and Rodman married on Rodman’s 42nd birthday in 2003,

Michelle Rodman filed a divorce in 2004, though the couple tried to reconcile for several years. However, the marriage formally ended in 2012 when Michelle re-appealed to the court for a divorce.

Rodman reportedly owed $860,376 in child support and spousal support.

Annie Bakes divorce

Dennis and Annie are sure to be one of the most contentious when talking about divorce. They had made ways for each other in 1992.

Annie claimed she had STD because of Dennis’s relationship, and all this turned out to be a pretty big fight. She filed for divorce. Later they made plans for reconciliation for the sake of the daughter, to everyone’s surprise.

Annie later revealed in an interview that Dennis was cheating on her even when they were in a relationship. He also forced her to undergo abortions.

To sum up the allegations, Bakes said that Rodman had an affair with Madonna, pointing out that he only married Electra for nine days. These are some of the claims made against a man who once was a successful player.

She went out of the turmoil-led marriage under counseling. Then, looking away from all this, in the year 2006, she married a police officer.

Surprisingly nothing is known about the police officer she married. She has gone completely under the radar of the prying media at this stage and has led a relatively private life.

Annie Bakes Alexis Rodman daughter

Alexis is the eldest and the only child of Dennis and Annie. She was born on May 13, 1991.

As a child, she had anger management issues due to her parent’s divorce. She showed her anger to her mother, Annie Bakes.

Alexis is married to Robert Bunfill, and she even welcomed a beautiful baby boy in June 2017.

She leads a very normal life and remains away from the spotlight.

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Annie Bakes career

Early starters tend to have a significant impact on success. Annie is the prime example of it. She began her modeling career at the age of 16.

Annie Bakes began modeling in her teen years. She was approached by a modeling agency when she was 16. This event turned her life upside down.

This exposure helped Annie make substantial progress and features in lingerie modeling and even in swimwear labels. She initially modeled for print commercials and later modeled for lingerie and swimwear after 18.

Bakes also began working at nightclubs around this time to supplement her income. Unfortunately, her modeling career ended in 1986 after her injuries and scars because of a road accident.

It was a catastrophic event in which she suffered many injuries and scars. It resulted in a halt to her modeling career, and things never stayed the same.

Annie was a part of Ford Models in the year 1986. Being a part of Ford Models was a significant spike in her relatively illustrious career. Yet the success was unfortunately cut short when Bakes got in an accident the same year.

Annie started hosting around clubs in LA after the incident.

What Annie’s fans do not know is the fact she’s a novelist, too. She started writing after getting out of her marriage and also released a book. Bakes published a book in 1997 called Worse Than He Thinks He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side.

The book was published after her divorce in 1997, which received plenty of positive reviews.

One of the curious things about this book is that the title was changed into “White Girls Don’t Bounce.” Looking at the edge of the era, she probably lives a low-key life and rarely appears in the media.

Annie Bakes net worth

While Annie’s modeling career was cut short because of an accident, she earned a great deal during her glory days. Annie went on to do hosting after the traumatic incident and made decent bucks from it too.

Bakes’ net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be at $1.2 million to $1.4 million.

Bakes does her advertisements and endorsements, even in this era, which justifies her beauty and elegance.

In comparison, her ex-husband has a net worth of $500k. At this point, Annie lives a beautiful life with her daughter and her new husband.

Annie Bakes social media

Annie may be one of her time’s original icons, but lately, her fame is slowly slipping under the radar. It helped her love life. Fans could use Bakes’ social media to check up on her real-life updates.

Annie Bakes does not have any other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. However, she has a private Facebook account under her name.

Annie Bakes FB profile
Annie Bakes FB profile

Annie Bakes now

According to her Facebook profile, Annie now works at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

She has divorced her policeman husband. However, she has a healthy relationship with her daughter, Alexis.

She lives in Citrus Heights, California, U.S.A.

Annie Bakes F.A.Q.s

Where is Annie Bakes now?

Annie is now working at PETA and is living in Citrus Heights, California, U.S.A.

What is Annie Bakes’ age?

Born on April 26, 1965, Annie Bakes is now 56 years old.

Why did Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman divorce?

Annie Bakes divorced Dennies Rodman as he cheated on her. He also forced her to undergo abortions.

She also caught an S.T.D. from him in 1993, after which Bakes and Rodman had a nasty fight. After this, Annie filed for divorce.

How many times did Dennis Rodman make Annie abort her babies?

Dennis forced Annie Bakes to abort her babies four times. In addition, she also suffered from miscarriage twice.