Anthony Anderson Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photos

People are curious about Anthony Anderson’s weight loss journey as he has lost much weight. 

Anthony Anderson is a comedian, actor, and game show host from the United States.

He is most known for his appearances as Andre “Dre” Johnson on Black-ish, the comic sitcom television series Guys with Kids.

Anderson is a regular judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and had guest appearances on All About the Andersons, The Bernie Mac Show, and The Shield.

He has hosted the ABC version of the game show, To Tell the Truth, since June 2016. In addition, he has also appeared as a guest panelist on several game programs.

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Anthony Anderson Weight Loss Journey

Anthony Anderson posted an Instagram selfie showing that he has dropped weight.

The photograph scared netizens because they suspected he was sick. Anthony Anderson has had Type 2 diabetes for approximately 20 years.

To keep his illness under control, he had to make some lifestyle modifications, which resulted in him losing weight, which explains his appearance in the photograph.

Anthony Anderson weight loss
Anthony Anderson has lost 47 pounds.  (Source- ok magazine )

Anderson said in a 2022 interview with Essence that his diabetes diagnosis occurred due to his demanding schedule at the zenith of his career, which caused him to be ignorant of what he was ingesting.

After his father’s death, Anderson claimed he had to make specific changes in his everyday life since he did not want his family to go through what he had to.

He even decided to lose weight after getting cast in Law & Order and approached his friend Al Roker, who sent him to a nutritionist.

Anderson purchased a bicycle and used it to commute between shoots. That’s how he lost 47 pounds, which explains his appearance in the recent Instagram photo.

Anthony Anderson Before And After

Anthony Anderson used to be overweight. But he never saw it as a problem and remarked that he has always been confident and that his weight has never been an issue.

However, he had some health problems because he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes many years ago. Since then, he has begun to alter his lifestyle.

He began to eat more healthfully and moderately. In 2008, he began to be concerned about his health and appearance. In addition, he began eating a vegan diet.

Anthony Anderson Weight Loss
Anthony Anderson before and after his weight loss journey. (Source- daily mail

Anthony began to lose weight. He was recently spotted wearing a blue sweater and thin jeans in Los Angeles. He appeared trim and fit.

Anderson weighed 270 pounds and had a massive body. However, he began a plant-based diet and lost significant weight.

He participated in a 14-week fitness challenge with his friend Will Smith in the summer of 2021. Furthermore, he is keeping his body fit and has lost significant weight.

Anthony Anderson Diet And Workout Plan

Anderson first believed he could control the sickness on his own, but it wasn’t until he began to take it seriously that he began to improve.

Anthony started exercising more and eating healthier. He gave up booze and went vegan for a period. Since being diagnosed, he has shed approximately 50 pounds.

In addition, he now follows a pescatarian diet, which emphasizes eating fish with a significant emphasis on veggies.

Anthony Anderson is well-known for his performances in television shows such as Black-ish, K-Ville, and Law & Order.

In addition, he has acted in films such as Kangaroo Jack, The Departed, and Scream 4.

The 52-year-old most recently acted in Kenya Barris’ romantic comedy flick, You People.

Jonah Hill, Lauren London, David Duchovny, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Eddie Murphy were in the lead roles. On January 27, 2023, the film was released on Netflix.

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