The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Antonio Conte suggested taking Son Heung-min out of Tottenham’s starting lineup. However, he was delighted to see the South Korean score a hat-trick against Leicester on Saturday.

The Spurs’ XI was overlooked in the thrashing of the Foxes due to Son’s lack of goals this season. Dejan Kulusevski replaced Son Heung-min in the XI.

At half-time, Spurs were level at 2-2, and although they took the lead soon after the breakthrough of Rodrigo Bentancur, the hosts didn’t get going until Son Heung-min just before the hour mark.

Son smashed a hat-trick to put Leicester to the sword. After the match, Conte explained the thought of dropping him.

Antonio explained that people don’t understand how difficult it is for a coach to handle this type of situation.

He said, “Sometimes you prefer to play with 13 players. But in some moments, I have to take important decisions. First of all, I have to try to be honest in the decision because if you’re honest, you don’t lose the respect of your players.”

Added, “I think every decision I’m going to take in my career is for the best of the team. The players know very well that I want to win, and every decision is for the best of the team, for the best of the player.”

During an interview with BBC Sport, Antonio said: “We have had a lot of games in a row, every three days. He played every game. We started with Richarlison on the bench for many games. Then Kulusevski was on the court. Then today, Son.

Continuing, “I was a player. Every player wants to play every game, but you lose physical energy and mental energy. Sometimes you don’t understand this and think you can play, but the performance goes down.”

“This season, especially up top, we have players. Luca Moura and Brandon are with us. So rotation is good for the team and for player welfare. If you give energy and you play the way Son played, everyone is happy.”

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