Anya Longwell biography- Ex-wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Who is Anya Longwell?

Anya Longwell is an American Actress, Voice Actress, Model, and Photographer. She rose to fame after her marriage to Jeffery Dean Morgan. Scroll down to learn more about Anya.

Anya Longwell Bio
Anya Longwell Biography

Quick Facts 

Full Name Anya Longwell
BirthdayNovember 30, 1964
Age58 years old
Sun SignSagittarius
TraitsPositive: Open-Minded, Outspoken, and Idealistic
Negative: Blindly Optimistic, Restless, and Impulsive
BirthplacePennsylvania, United States Of America
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseJeffrey Dean Morgan (Ex-husband)
Weight169 lbs.
Body Measurements34-26-36
Eye ColorHazel
ProfessionActress, Model, Voice Actress, and Photographer.
HobbiesHiking, Gardening, and Swimming
Net WorthUSD 1-2 Million
Social MediaInstagram
Quick Facts on Anya Longwell

Interesting Facts

1. Anya makes efforts to skincare

As required by her profession, as a model and an actress, Anya makes efforts to look beautiful naturally. She revealed that she takes care of her skin more as she ages. Anya moisturizes, exfoliates, and applies sunscreen regularly. She has also tried the EndyMed Intensif Care procedure for her skin.

2. Anya and Jeffrey Morgan’s mysterious Divorce

After being married for ten years, Anya and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ended their ties on July 19th, 2003. However, no justifying reasons were made for why the couple separated. This keeps the suspense in the public’s mind, making it a mystery.

3. Anya maintains her fitness

Despite her age, Anya is as fit as the youth. In an interview, she states that she exerts regularly and eats healthily. 

Early Life and Childhood 

Born on November 30th, 1964, in the United States Of America, Anya Longwell is a model, voice actress, and photographer. She is known for doing minor roles in many Hollywood movies and series.

Sources state that she was born into a wealthy family. However, she has kept her details confidential so far.

Baby Anya Longwell with her mother
Baby Anya Longwell with her mother

Anya attended the Perkiomen Prep School and Upper Perkiomen High School, graduating from the American College in Paris, France. As a child, she was always interested in acting.

Anya had a brother, Tommy, who sadly passed away in November 2021. She made an Instagram post stating how much she missed him.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Ex-husband)

Born on April 22nd, 1960, in Seattle, Washington, to Richard Dean Morgan and Sandy Thomas, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American Actor and Producer. He is recognized for his works in Walking Dead and Gray’s Anatomy.

Jeffrey went to Ben Franklin Elementary School and attended Ross Hill Junior High School. He graduated from Skagit Valley College.

He debuted through the 1991 movie Uncaged, followed by a few minor parts in Covert Heat, Lawful Deceit, Outrageous, etc.

Jeffrey dated Actress Sherie Rose from 2004 to 2005. Then he dated actress Sarah Lancaster from 2005 to 2006, followed by actress Mary-Louise Parker from 2006 to 2008. 

He got engaged to Mary-Louise Parker in 2008, expressing that they broke up after a month. Next, the actor dated Hilarie Burton in 2009 and married her on October 5th, 2019.

Anya Longwell Marriage with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Known for her 90s hit career in movies, Anya met Jeffrey during her early acting career. The two got closer because of similar interests and eventually started dating.

After dating for a few months, the couple announced their engagement in March 1992. Later on May 30th, 1992, Anya Longwell married Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Anya Longwell and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on their wedding day
Anya Longwell and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on their wedding day

The marriage ceremony happened in Las Vegas, with only family members and close friends as the attendees. On October 17th, 2002, the couple separated after living together for ten years.

Anya and Jeffrey filed for Divorce on January 12th, 2003, and it was approved officially on July 19th, 2003. The reason, however, is still unknown. 

Does Jeffrey Dean Morgan have a child with Anya Longwell?

Anya does not have any children so far as of 2022. But on the contrary, her ex-husband has many children from his romantic relationships with women.

Jeffrey so far has four children from his past girlfriends and current wife. Jeffrey’s eldest son Daniele was born in 2006 to his previous girlfriend.

Next, his second son Augustus Gus Morgan was born on March 14th, 2010. Finally, his third child, a daughter named Virginia Morgan, was born on February 16th, 2018, to Hilarie Burton.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan with his current wife Hilarie Burton, Son Augustus Gus Morgan, and daughter Virginia Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan with his current wife Hilarie Burton, Son Augustus Gus Morgan, and daughter Virginia Morgan

Jeffrey Morgan is also rumored to have one more child, who is currently four years old. But this has not been confirmed yet by the actor.


Anya Longwell is an Actress, Voice Actress, and Model by profession. Since childhood, she has been very interested in acting and pursued it as an adult for her career. 

She made her acting debut in the movie “Mobster” in 1991. After that, she played many impactful roles in several Hollywood hit movies.

She has modeled for several brands and has been endorsed by them. She is also a part of various advertisement campaigns.

Anya has promoted different brands through social media (Instagram). 

A few brands she has modeled for are Sio, Marla Wayne Collection, Blue Lily Organic, Foxcrofts, Lancer, Pause-Well Aging, Sambucol, and many more. Additionally, she is a part of modeling agencies such as A3 Artists NYC, The talent group PA, Locke Models NC, CESD Print LA, Q Model Management NYC, Select Model Miami, Reinhard Models Philly, and Actor/VO.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's ex-wife photoshoot
Anya Longwell photo

As required by her profession, Anya makes efforts to stay fit and look beautiful naturally. She engages herself in yoga, workouts, meditations, a healthy diet, and proper skin care routines & procedures.


Anya Longwell has appeared in the following movies and TV Shows.

Mobster (1991)As a Showgirl
Death Becomes Her (1992)As Chagall Receptionist
Down the Shore (1992)As Genevieve
Sisters (1992)As Helga
Scorned (1993)As The Woman
Dead Of Night (1996)As Amy
Red Shoe Diaries (1996)As Ruth D’Hara
Just Shoot Me (1997)As Anya
Veronica’s Closet (1997-1998)As Tree
Shame Shame Shame (1999)As Audrey
Wasted in Babylon (1999)As Sasha


Anya has not been a part of any controversies as of 2022. But, differently, her ex-husband is a part of some controversies. 

In response to Eric Garner and Michael Brown (unarmed black men shot dead by police), two police were ambushed and died in Brooklyn in 2014. Namely, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, a Blue Lives Matter movement started.

Anya Longwell- ex wife of Jeffery Dean Morgan.
Anya Longwell- ex-wife of Jeffery Dean Morgan.

Following this movement, Jeffrey posted a picture of him wearing the T-shirt, explaining how he got it from the mother of a policeman who was shot dead. He also added BlueLivesMatters and AllLivesMatters to the post.

However, people misinterpreted this, and he got backlashes of comments regarding the opposition to black lives. He later made a post clarifying what he meant and didn’t.

He also apologized for causing the misunderstanding and expressed how wrong he felt by how people misinterpreted his words.

Anya Longwell Net Worth

According to the sources, Anya Longwell’s net worth is between USD 1-2 Million. Her primary source of income is from her career as an actress, voice actress, and model.

The house in Pennsylvania where Anya Longwell was born.
The house in Pennsylvania where Anya Longwell was born.

Anya Longwell Social Media

Anya is an active user of Instagram and Facebook. Usually, on Instagram, she posts content related to her modeling and travel.

On Facebook, she posts much about her activities, hobbies, pets, time with family, and more.


Does Anya Longwell have a child?

Anya Longwell does not have any children as of 2022.

What is the relationship between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Anya Longwell?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Anya Longwell are a divorced couple. They got married in 1992 and divorced in 2003, after 11 years.

What brands has Anya modeled for?

Anya Longwell has modeled for Marla Wayne Collection, Sio, Foxcroft, Blue Lily Organics, Lancer Skincare, Sambucal, Pause-Well aging, etc.

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