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Aquarius Overview

The eleventh sign in the zodiac wheel- Aquarius, stands out from the rest of the zodiacs due to their distinct characteristic traits. People born between January 19 and February 18 belong to the Aquarius sun sign.

The Water Bearer represents it as its symbol, which might make them look like a water sign, but actually, Aquarius belongs to the air element signs alongside Gemini and Libra.

People born under this zodiac sign often say that they have a hard time fitting in between people. They feel out of place and are individualists. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which influences the intelligence and innovative nature in them. Their modality is fixed, and they’re known for being the creative ones amongst the sun signs.

Aquarius Personality Traits
Aquarius Personality Traits

Some general information about the Aquarius sun sign:

Date: January 19 to February 18      

Symbol: The Water Bearer / ♌

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Uranus

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7 and 9                                            

Lucky colors: Blue, Purple, and Grey

Gemstone: Amethyst, Opal, Sapphire

Lucky day: Thursdays, Fridays, and Tuesdays

Associated organ: Legs, ankles

Characteristic traits of Aquarius – the good and the bad

Understanding the mysterious personality might be a little challenging. An Aquarian can either be outgoing and confident or the complete opposite. You might come across an enthusiastic Aquarius or a shy and reserved one. But deep down, they share similar traits. Let’s discuss them below.

Good characteristics explained

Aquarius are the humanitarians and creative ones of the zodiacs. They are keenly interested in humanitarian subjects like literature, arts, history, and others. Moreover, they wish to understand humans and society with a better view. This trait also makes them generous and caring towards others.

Represented by the Water Bearer, Aquarius is one of the oldest constellations known to us. The Water Bearer symbolizes pouring life and spiritual essence down. This representation explains Aquarius’ spiritual and philosophical nature.

People belonging to this sun sign want the world to become a better place for everyone. They are fascinated by new ideas and concepts to bring positive change. Aquarians are philosophical beings and wish to understand people and human nature more and more. They are compassionate beings who cannot stand injustice.

This makes Aquarius great visionaries. Their ideas are out of the box because their mind lets them wander to different tangents and possibilities. Even the sky isn’t a limit for their vivid imagination. As a result, Aquarius can think about the far future and make proper decisions that benefit everybody.

That being said, another superior quality in Aquarius is their creativity. No description of Aquarius is complete without mentioning their creativity and intelligence. They have been blessed with their ruling planet Uranus with visionary and innovative minds.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
Aquarius Zodiac Sign

You will find an Aquarius either sunken deep into a book, painting or drawing, listening to music, or indulging in any other art form. Creativity flows through their veins, and they yearn to create something new and put it out into the world. They are capable of coming up with new ideas that make them unique stand out from the rest.

Moreover, Aquarius are very intelligent people. They get lost in their own train of thought and prefer to think long and hard about any matter before finalizing any decision. This fantastic quality makes them great problem-solvers. With their creativity, vision, and intelligence, no situation is a lost cause for them. So if there’s one person whose advice you should rely on, it’s definitely an Aquarius!

Aquarian make great friends everywhere they go! Because of their easy-going nature, they get along with almost anyone. They prefer not to make a fuss about things and focus on the bright side of things. They have a wise and unique aura that makes people look up to them.

Aquarians are said to be free-willed and open-minded, which is a great bonus point to their already wonderful list of positive traits. An Aquarian will welcome you with open arms without judgment. They prefer a little privacy and independence but they are also great team players. They can adapt to any situation and see the best in people, which makes an Aquarius great company.

Bad characteristics explained

Aquarius sounds like the perfect friend, family, partner, colleague to have with their compassion and chilled out nature. But when you get to know them better, you will see another side to them that you might not have expected.

The compassionate and generous Aquarius has a cold and detached side to them. They tend to get lost deep in their thoughts. As a result, they appear to be almost out of touch with reality.

They have sophisticated idealist and philosophical thoughts which do not always translate the same way in practice. This difference is something they cannot deal with properly, and hence they seem withdrawn from people around them.

We would all love to live in a world of our fantasy, but Aquarius takes it to another level. They find the real world boring or uninteresting, and they start to view things with the same idealist mindset rather than comprehending the emotions of the ones around them. This causes them to be detached and disconnected from the people in their life.

But eventually, they drop back to reality. However, this drop hits like a storm. This behavior makes Aquarius unpredictable with their actions. One moment they are disconnected from everyone and everything, and in another moment, they are on an emotional roller-coaster. It makes it difficult for people to deal with them.

This sun sign is also known for taking things to the extreme. They know no in between. Whether it’s emotions, excitement, sadness, imagination, or anything else, Aquarius has a tendency to take it at the extreme level. They do not know how to settle for less and are often left exhausted after the phase is over.

Aquarius Sign
Aquarius Sign

Aquarians are intelligent and wise, and they know it. That’s why they can be stubborn and condescending at times. They refuse to hear others’ viewpoints. Aquarians are aware of their intelligence, and so they do not want to change their opinions. They would rather have others agree with them all the time.

The Aquarius zodiac is highly logical. But due to their extremist behavior, they don’t know when to hit the brakes on the big talks! This causes them to be emotionless. As a result, their sense of empathy decreases when they talk logic and philosophy all the time.

Aquarius in relationships

The way to an Aquarius’ heart is actually through the brain! They look for intelligence and wisdom in partners, and that is exactly what attracts them. They want someone who matches their level of energy and mentality.

Aquarius wants to have interesting conversations with their partner. Of course, they will show love and affection; it’s just that they’d rather sit there and have a logical conversation with their partners for quality time together.

Only a few will see all the colorful sides of an Aquarius. Once they trust someone enough to let them in their personal life, they want to stay with them for a long time. Similarly, Aquarius will wish for an independent relationship. They want to have some personal space even when they are with their partner. Communication is also a crucial part of their relationship.

Aquarius compatibility with other signs

Gemini and Libra are the most compatible signs with Aquarius. Conversely, the least compatible signs with Aquarius would be Taurus, Capricorn, and Scorpio.

Career and professional life of Aquarius

Aquarius are dedicated workers. They excel when they are a part of the creative team in the office. Their smart and innovative ideas are always impressive. Not to forget their exceptional problem-solving skills.

An Aquarius is a perfect person to act as the brains of a company. They are long-term visionaries and are hungry for progress. As a result, they will perform well in places where they can showcase their skills and talent.

Actor, singer, engineer, social worker, and writer are some suitable professions for the Water Bearers.

Health complications

Aquarius is related to the legs, feet, and ankles of the human body. They are advised to watch out for alignments and injuries in their lower body.

They should also be careful of accidents. Aquarius is also connected with the blood circulation system, so it is always safe to maintain a healthy lifestyle for them.

Some famous Aquarius personalities

Rainn Wilson, Alicia Keys, Harry Styles, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ed Sheeran, Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres, Neymar, Jennifer Anniston, Shakira, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Christian Bale, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Stacie Zabka, Karima Jackson, Laticia Rolle, and many more.

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