Are Carlos And Nancy Dating In 2023? Relationship Timeline

Are Carlos And Nancy Dating In 2023? Carlos and Nancy’s relationship has been a subject of speculation since they are dancing together.

Strictly Come Dancing has numerous new competitors for 2022, and Carlos Gu is one of four new professional dancers. Many of his fans, however, are intrigued about his relationship with Nancy Xu.

The dancer is a close friend of Strictly Come Dancing participant Nancy Xu and the reigning Chinese National Dance Champion, an extraordinary feat in a country of nearly 1.5 billion people.

Viewers have noticed that two of the professional dancers on the show appear to have a close friendship as the weeks have passed.

Others have questioned whether Strictly’s Carlos and Nancy are related, while others have asked whether the dancers’ proximity is due to their love relationship.

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 Are Carlos And Nancy Dating In 2023? 

No, Carlos and Nancy are not dating. There is a rumour regarding Carlos and Nancy’s relationship.

Nancy is a Chinese native. She was born in Hunan in 1991. Carlos is also from China, but they have never claimed to be related; they are merely pals.

In addition, according to the Daily Mail, Nancy Xu was seen holding hands with professional dancer and close friend Carlos Gu as they headed for lunch in London in August.

The couple was photographed hugging tenderly and enjoying the sunlight after a morning of practice for the upcoming BBC competition series.

Carlos And Nancy
Carlos is one of four new dancers to join Strictly Come Dancing in 2022. (Source- smooth radio)

Many people believe they are dating because of their connection. This is false, as Nancy is engaged to attractive Italian performer Mikee Introna Michele.

As a pro, Nancy has previously appeared in the Chinese version of So You Think You Can Dance. He also appeared in the Broadway and West End productions of Burn The Floor.

In addition, she was a finalist in the U21 World Championships in 2010, finished third in the 2010-2012 CBDF National Amateur Latin Championships, and finished second in the 2013 International Singapore Championships.

The Chinese National Champion Carlos Gu joined the Strictly lineup of professional dancers in early July.

Carlos and Nancy Relationship Timeline

So far, Carlos has kept his love life private. He spends a lot of time with his dance partner, Susan Sun, and uploads images of himself with female acquaintances on social media, but it’s unclear if he’s in a love relationship.

Nancy is dating professional bodyguard Mikee Michele, a martial arts master and skilled choreographer, frequently putting together carefully choreographed combat scenes for movies.

The couple frequently shares affectionate photos on social media as they travel the world.

Mikee has also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, and he and Nancy co-founded the MIECS- Combat System. Both couples have not yet married. Mikee also backed her up after she shared a video of a Strictly professional group dance.

When did Mikee Michele and Nancy Xu start dating?

Nancy and Mikee have never been transparent about their initial encounter since they are adamant about keeping their private lives hidden from prying eyes.

Their social media posts, on the other hand, can determine the approximate start date of their romance.

Are Carlos And Nancy Dating
Nancy Xu is a professional dancer from Hunan, China. (Source- smooth radio)

In December 2017, the couple began sharing affectionate photos on their own Instagram pages and have been inseparable since, even travelling the world together.

When Nancy originally joined the Strictly lineup in 2019, many speculated if she’d have a fling with her then-partner, AJ Pritchard. A Strictly source promptly put an end to those rumours.

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