Are First And Khaotung Dating In Real Life? Relationship Update

Famous Thai community have been all over the news headlines worldwide. Are First And Khaotung Dating In Real Life?

Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan, also known as “Khaotung,” is a Lamphun-based actor who works for GMMTV, a well-known entertainment firm.

His education began at Chiang Mai University, where he studied in the Faculty of Medical Technology and was awarded the distinguished title of the Faculty’s Moon in 2017.

Later, he studied environmental engineering at Kasetsart University, where he competed as a finalist in the 2018 Freshy Boy and Girl contest.

Khaotung made his acting debut in 2018’s series “‘Cause You’re My Boy.” Notably, he rose to prominence with his first lead role in the 2020 series “Tonhon Chonlatee.”

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Are First And Khaotung Dating In Real Life?

First, Kanaphan Puitrakul and Khaotung Thanawat have become the talk of the town, with internet rumors circulating about their probable romantic relationship. As of now, their relationship has not been confirmed.

This dynamic combo, frequently regarded as GMMTV’s spearhead, has become a global symbol of Thai entertainment, thanks to their obvious on-screen connection. Khaotung debuted in 2018 with a supporting part in the series “You Are My Boy.”

First And Khaotung Dating
First and Khaotung has been the talk of the town. (Source- Facebook)

Regardless of the first role, his skillful portrayal of many emotions drew attention, paving the path for his first main role in 2020’s “Tonhon Chocolate.” First Kanaphan Puitrakul, on the other hand, made his film debut in 2016 with “The Assassins.”

“After his triumph in “Cool Man Good Man” and collaborations with Kazz Magazine, he began his GMMTV career with the drama “Wake Up Ladies.”

The rumored friendship between First and Khaotung has contributed to the mystique around their achievements.

Their combined abilities and on-screen cooperation have not only elevated their prominence within GMMTV but have also transformed them into a beloved power couple.

First And Khaotung relationship timeline

As of now, the relationship status of First Kanaphan Puitrakul and Khaotung Thanawat has not been confirmed.

While they have played a couple in films, particularly in their recent performances as Akk and Ayan in “The Eclipse,” the nature of their relationship off-screen remains unknown.

Even though both performers have been in the entertainment industry for several years, their on-screen cooperation as a pair began in 2022 with “The Eclipse.”

This was a big step forward in their collaborative journey, ushering in a new chapter in which they took on leadership duties together.

The project’s title, “The Eclipse,” implies that something special is happening in the tale, and it does, resulting in a key moment for First and Khaotung.

First Kanaphan Puitrakul and Khaotung Thanawat’s relationship has not been confirmed. (Source- X)

Their talents and the synergy they bring to the film are appreciated by the industry, as evidenced by their casting in lead roles in this production.

How this new chapter unfolds, not just in the roles they play but also in the potential complexities of their real-life relationship, is eagerly anticipated by fans and admirers of both performers.

Their transition from co-stars to main parts together adds another element of excitement to their careers, and the on-screen chemistry they’ve demonstrated in the past only heightens the expectation for what lies ahead in their professional and, possibly, personal connection.

While the status of their off-screen relationship is unknown, their collaboration in “The Eclipse” has certainly marked a watershed moment in their respective acting careers.

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