Are Izaya And Ziara Still Together? Relationship Timeline

Are Izaya And Ziara Still Together? Keep reading to learn about Izaya and Zara, and their relationship timeline.

Izaya Leota and Ziara Rae captured the hearts of fans during their time on FBoy Island Australia 2023.

These two people met thanks to the reality TV program.

And their meeting resulted in a connection that has left many people wondering about the status of their relationship.

Let’s delve into their journey and find out whether this amazing couple is still together or not.

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 Are Izaya And Ziara Still Together?

You might be wondering if the golden pair from FBoy Island Australia 2023, Izaya Leota and Ziara Rae, are still together.

The good news is, they are still together.

After the show’s filming concluded in March 2023, they have officially been a couple for over three months.

Their relationship started in a unique environment filled with intense emotions.

Are Izaya And Ziara Still Together?
Izaya Leota and Ziara Rae are still happily together with each other. (Source – Instagram)

That makes their journey quite different from regular couples.

Despite facing the challenge of maintaining their connection secretly due to the reality TV context, their bond has remained strong.

Izaya is currently living in Queensland, and Ziara is in Victoria, thus managing a long-distance relationship.

Every weekend, they’ve been making an effort to see one another, and they’ve even gone on vacation together.

During the conclusion, their love story continued to develop as they exchanged emotional “I love you”s that revealed the depth of their affection.

The pair is committed to exploring their future together, and as they look ahead.

They intend to use their prize money to take a memorable trip to Bali.

In other words, the beautiful couple are still very much in love and continuing to develop as a pair.

In conclusion, Izaya Leota and Ziara Rae exemplify unwavering affection by showing unwavering commitment and mutual passion for their shared path.

Despite the difficulties caused by their unique circumstances, they are committed to nurturing their relationship and carrying on their love story with a firm attitude.

Izaya And Ziara: Relationship Timeline

As of June 26, 2023, the gorgeous pair from FBoy Island Australia 2023 are still happily together. 

They officially became a couple just over three months before the show’s finale, marking a significant step in their journey. 

Their journey started on the island, where they had to navigate their feelings amidst high emotions.

After the show finished, they settled into a more normal relationship in the real world.

Izaya And Ziara: Relationship Timeline
Izaya Leota and Ziara Rae captured the hearts of fans during their time on FBoy Island Australia. (Source – Instagram)

With Izaya in Queensland and Ziara in Victoria, their long-distance relationship hasn’t stopped them from making an effort to see each other.

They frequently travel every weekend to bridge the gap.

Izaya’s sincere declaration of love to Ziara during the show’s conclusion was a lovely surprise.

Even though she had already told him how she felt.

This specific situation demonstrated their sincere bond.

Since the beginning of the show, Ziara has her sights set on Izaya, and her preference hadn’t changed throughout the show.

It’s been said that their connection is “awkward and cute,” which is a welcome departure from the usual reality TV dynamic.

The pair are interested in using their $50,000 prize money to travel to Bali.

To strengthen their relationship there.

The lovely couple continues to get each other well since they both have positive feelings and expectations for their partnership.

They are eager to learn what will happen to their relationship after their stay on the island on the television show.

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