Are Janet And Steve Dating 2023? xChocobars Steven Suptic Relationship

Are Janet And Steve Dating in 2023? Many people have been wondering about xChocobars and Steven Suptic relationship.

Janet Rose Xu, also widely known as xChocoBars, is a famous internet influencer and Twitch streamer.

The famous Twitch streamer Xu was born in Toronto, Canada, on November 5, 1994.

Many fans and followers have recently been curious about Janet Rose Xu’s boyfriend and relationship.

Similarly, many people wonder about her relationship status with a fellow well-known YouTuber and vlogger, Steven Suptic.

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Are Janet And Steve Dating In 2023?

Fans and followers have recently shown interest in Janet Rose Xu’s boyfriend and relationship and have been inquiring about her relationship status with Steven Suptic, another well-known YouTuber and vlogger.

Many followers have noticed their frequent appearances together at various gatherings.

For instance, a fantastic Halloween birthday celebration and an exciting concert with Steve’s closest friend’s band, WhalesTalk.

In addition, their presence at a friend’s birthday dinner has raised their interest.

Their appearances at these events led to discussions on Reddit and within their fan group, leading many to believe that Janet and Steve are more than simply friends.

Are Janet And Steve Dating
Janet And Steve have been seen together a lot of times. (Source – Twitter)

However, it’s essential to understand that Janet and Steve have not spoken on this topic. They haven’t spoken anything about their relationship in public.

This indicates that they have not given official confirmation that they are in a relationship.

Also, people can be wonderful friends and have fun together without being in a romantic relationship.

It is critical to respect their privacy and avoid jumping to conclusions. Even if they spend much time together and attend activities, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating.

It’s always best to wait for them to make public any news regarding their relationship if they want to do so.

Meanwhile, one may appreciate their stuff and support them as persons, whether they are friends or more.

So, for the time being, it is unclear whether Janet and Steve are dating.

xChocobars And Steven Suptic Past relationships

Let’s now discuss Janet and Steve’s previous relationships.

Janet, also known as xChocoBars, had a relationship with Jeremy Wang, also known as Disguised Toast.

They dated for three years, from 2018 to 2020. Many probably recognize them from their incredible online gaming sessions, which many fans enjoyed watching.

They decided to split up in 2020. It was significant because they were both well-known in the gaming community.

They informed everyone through a joint announcement on their social media profiles when they split up.

Are Janet And Steve Dating
Janet and Jeremy dated for three years. (Source – dexerto)

They believed conveying this news to their fans was vital because they were well-known on the internet. Even though they said their goodbyes as a pair, they requested privacy afterward.

After breaking up with Jeremy, Janet started to date David Robertson, a League of Legends player. But they also parted ways.

Now, let’s explore about Steve’s previous relationships.

Steven Suptic, the well-known YouTuber and vlogger known for his “Sugar Pine 7” channel, was also dating someone.

They were engaged, and her name was Alyssa Terry. Alyssa has appeared in some of Steven’s videos on “Sugar Pine 7.”

They had some good times while creating stuff for their channel.

Steven and Alyssa were in love and had taken a significant step forward in their relationship by becoming engaged.

Relationships can be amazing sometimes, and engagement is important in the love journey.

However, life is full of surprises, and despite Steven and Alyssa being engaged, they decided to split up.

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