Are Steve Lacy And Olivia Rodrigo Dating In 2023? Relationship Timeline

After her recent release of the song “Lacy,” people have generated curiosity to know if Steve Lacy And Olivia Rodrigo are a thing in 2023. 

Steve Lacy is a talented musician, songwriter, and record producer.

He gained recognition as a member of the Grammy-nominated band The Internet.

Lacy has also released solo music, showcasing his unique blend of R&B, funk, and soul.

On the other hand, Olivia Rodrigo is a multi-talented artist known for her acting and singing abilities.

She rose to fame through her roles in Disney television programs, and her debut single, “Drivers License,” achieved massive success worldwide.

Heartfelt lyrics and relatable storytelling characterize Rodrigo’s music.

The speculation surrounding their dating life has sparked curiosity and interest among their followers, leading to increased searches and discussions.

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Are Steve Lacy And Olivia Rodrigo Dating In 2023? rumors debunked

While fans are eager to know if Steve Lacy and Olivia Rodrigo are dating, no concrete evidence supports this speculation. 

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album has generated a lot of buzz and speculation among fans.

One particular song that has caught people’s attention is “Lacy.”

This curiosity was sparked when a TikTok video showed Olivia Rodrigo and Steve Lacy sitting together at a dinner party.

This made some fans wonder if the song “Lacy” could be about him.

While it’s just a random theory, and there is no confirmed information about the inspiration behind the song, fans have been speculating about the possible connection between Olivia Rodrigo and Steve Lacy.

Some fans believe the song might be about a crush on someone she met or who impacted her life.

Steve Lacy And Olivia Rodrigo
Steve and Olivia had a lovely time together at the dinner table in Giving Midsommar. (Source: Twitter)

Others have suggested that “Lacy” could be more about capturing a specific personality rather than being directly about Steve Lacy himself.

The anticipation for Olivia Rodrigo’s album is at an all-time high, with fans eagerly waiting to hear the new songs and decipher their meanings.

As the album release date approaches, fans hope to gain more insight into the inspiration behind “Lacy” and the rest of the tracks.

Until then, fans will continue to discuss and speculate on the connections between Olivia Rodrigo, Steve Lacy, and the song “Lacy.” 

Steve Lacy And Olivia Rodrigo Relationship Timeline explored

Rodrigo’s relationship timeline has been the subject of interest among her fans.

In February 2022, she was first spotted “casually hanging out” with Zack Bia, a 25-year-old DJ.

They were seen together around the time of the Super Bowl, and their relationship started to blossom from there.

In April 2022, they were still going strong and enjoying each other’s company.

However, in August of the same year, reports surfaced that their relationship had ended.

Although the details of their split remain private, conflicting schedules and different directions in their lives appear to play a role.

Regardless of the outcome, Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship timeline captured the attention of fans and generated plenty of intrigue. 

Similarly, Rodrigo was previously in a relationship with producer and musician Adam Faze.

Steve Lacy And Olivia Rodrigo
Despite their busy schedules, Olivia and Zack tried to spend time together and have fun. (Source: ELLE)

The couple’s relationship was publicized on social media, but they reportedly broke up before her rise to stardom with “Drivers License.” 

Olivia Rodrigo’s love life has garnered much interest, especially since her breakout song “Driver’s License” was released in 2021.

The heartfelt ballad is believed to be about her former co-star, Joshua Bassett.

Moreover, fans speculate that Rodrigo had a secret relationship with Joshua Bassett, her co-star in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

It is believed that Bassett broke up with Rodrigo to date Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter.

Rodrigo’s song “Driver’s License,” which speaks about heartbreak and feelings of insecurity, is thought to be inspired by this split.

However, Rodrigo has not confirmed the specific individuals who inspired her songs, emphasizing that the emotional resonance of the music is more important than the personal details.

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